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Morning Affirmations For My Walk/Run

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Tina Stinson
Life & Health Coach
While these empowering morning affirmations can be used as you please. You can also combine them with other empowering habits like your walk/run, & getting outside in nature. I hope you enjoy and feel energized and ready for your day. To learn more about Tina and Deep-Level Self-Care head over to >>
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2 reflections
I have to go home!
Tina you're so uplifting and positive but I giggle when you say I can keep going without you. I have to go home Tina. I can't just stay in the park. Have a great day!
Day 1 or day 1 million
it’s OK to take a break from achieving / working in order to find out what’s next. I did walking affirmations. I trust this time will yield results.