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Morning Affirmations - to Start Your Day

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Alex Dudgon
Inner Peace, Wisdom & Self-Empowerment Teacher
These are 11 affirmations to help you start the day full of peace, love, motivation, confidence, gratitude, positivity, abundance and empowerment. I have added some beautiful soothing background music to aid with the words and help create the right atmosphere for creating healthy new thought patterns. 
From the community
23 reflections
I really enjoyed this meditation. The affirmations were easy to repeat and powerful. Thankyou! Namaste.💝
Positive thoughts
These affirmations gave me a great way to start my day! Thank you and namaste.
Good Vibrations
Affirmations are a fantastic tool to help us to feel positive and empowered. When recited on a regular basis, it will help counteract any negative thoughts you are having. I absolutely ❤️❤️❤️ this meditation! I loved the soothing background music, the meditator’s voice, the affirmations were easy to recite, and I loved the space in between the affirmations to be able to recite them as well as let them sink into my being. By the end of this session, I felt a tingling warm electrifying sensation bursting with positive energy. Thank you Alex for creating this excellent session to begin my day with! It is already on my favorites list.
I really enjoyed this one . Will save it and repeat every morning
New Beginnings
Our lives are filled with new beginnings. We see this newness in every morning, week, month and year we are fortunate enough to experience. Because we have been blessed with free will and choice, what we do with these new beginnings is entirely up to us. Proven to change our thoughts and thus, our reality for the better, affirmations are an excellent tool to embrace. As some days were filled with abundant happiness and others with great sorrow during this past month, I am reminded of the great ebb and flow of life. Because I experienced a huge roller coaster of emotions, accepting ‘what was’ in any given moment proved to be a very hard concept for me to adopt. Because this is a new day of a new week of a new month, I decided to begin it with affirmations. After repeating them with conviction, I am filled with the hope of new beginnings. With light and love as my North Star, I am not turning my back and moving on from what was. Rather, I take the lessons I learned and choose to allow each new moment to move through me with grace and compassion. If one moment poses a challenge, I know I have a choice in how I respond to it. I can either allow myself to be identified with the story or I can stop and ask it, “what it is this for?” Doing the latter, challenges will turn into gifts of opportunities. Continuing to repeat these affirmations for the next 30 days, I look forward to the new beginnings they present in my life. P.S. Thank you to my Aura tribe for all of your heartfelt condolences and support you’ve given me during this difficult time in my life. And, Julie, thank you for introducing me to this amazing meditation! Wishing you all a beautiful month filled with new beginnings! Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
A great way to start each day !
Be grateful and remember the we only go around once, so make the most of it!
My first session with Aura, I felt more focused and calm after my first session with affirmations 👍
I learned to breathe and focus positivity not the immediate situation reactiveness one may have
Better than that first cuppa
These affirmations are an absolutely awesome way to begin my day. I did them today before doing anything other than brushing my teeth and I feel positive and ready for the day. Touched me deeply.
Lovely affirmations
Just what I needed to start my day. I am sure to repeat at least 2-3 throughout the day.
Affirmations for commuting to work
I like to listen to this on the way to work in the mornings to help me get ready for my day. It is a wonderful meditation.
Just unimaginable great feeling!
This meditation is the best for me! I listen it every single day. I feel super powered, calm, found my balance. It's a magical feeling!!!
I really enjoyed this
I will start my mornings with positive affirmations now, instead of pushing snooze.
Saying my affirmations out loud and with purpose helps me to “carry” those affirmations and stay true to myself !
This was relaxing to do... even though I was fixing my hair in the process!
Siu Yen
A great way to start the day
A wonderful way to start the day by saying these powerful affirmations and feeling warmth and gratitude flow through me. Will do this meditation every day!
First try
I can stop for 15 mins and meditate The sun felt good on my face and the wind on my back :)
I can control my thoughts I am more concerned 😧 in my thoughts
I need to do this more often. I need to try harder. I am healing from 24 years of narcissistic Psychological abuse.
I feel relaxed
I learned that meditation is easy I will meditate as a practice
The only answer to be better is the put in the hard work
I must stay humble but confident. I can’t rely on others for happiness. Only God can Judge me
Thank you for the wonderful meditation. I am now focused on being loving and kind, I am grateful for my abundance and I am blessed to be able to embrace life to its fullest. Thank you again for a meditation that actually is bringing me joy as I write this note of gratitude.
I feel so powerful, loving and calm right now.
Thanks for these wonderful affirmations. They are a nice way to start the day. Will do them regularly.
My mind is powerful! I can have anything I want if I think it!
Saturday morning
I haven’t tried the self affirmation specifically for meditation, but I do like where it has put my mindset after this lesson. Felt like a 3 minutes lesson 😌