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Morning Abundance Meditation

7 Min
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Tina Stinson
Life & Health Coach
Start your day by being reminded that we are all surrounded by abundance and we can connect to the energy of it daily with this meditation. To learn more about Tina Stinson and Deep-Level Self-Care head over to >>
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3 reflections
Nature’s abundance
Perfect grounding and awareness. Even the beauty of winter’s trees remind us of perfect imperfection. Their branches reaching towards the sun. Their broad trunks and roots supporting the growth. How abundant is that. Abundance and nature. A perfect fit. Thank you
Abundant energy
I imagined myself sitting next to the large tree at the Grove in Zion. I felt the cool breeze across my cheeks and heard the rustling of leaves above me. I imagined the backdrop of mountain and remembered how very small I felt. In another setting the tree I sat beneath would be massive , but scaled next to the mountains it too was small. But the energy combined from the earth beneath me, above me and around me is the most powerful memory of abundance that I could imagine. I loved this short meditation. I will use this when I am feeling small and lost.
I feel so relaxed right now. I decided to clear my mind before I headed into work, and early meditation does it for me. I will be using this meditation again.
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