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More Love, Not Less

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Christina & Darrin
Love Coach & Therapist
When difficult emotions arise, we often experience something even more agonizing: a rejection of ourselves for feeling what we are feeling. Instead, what if our first instinct was to love ourselves even more fiercely whenever we feel stress, anxiety, or sadness? This meditation is a tribute to Matt Kahn's book "Whatever Arises, Love That," which directly inspired the words I am speaking.
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Why I created this meditation…
Matt Kahn's book, "Whatever Arises, Love That," has been transformative for both me and Darrin. The book teaches us that loving ourselves is the only answer, even – and especially – when we are in pain. A few months before Darrin met me, he was suffering from a devastating break up. He would drive around in his car for hours listening to Matt Kahn's book. The moment he learned to love his own pain, and to care for himself even deeper, was the moment he met me. That wasn't an accident. When we open our hearts to ourselves, we naturally let others in as well. I had the same experience with this book, especially during the severance of a good friendship. Learning to love myself through it all has been the greatest gift I could give myself. We hope this meditation grants you that same gift. In one of life's surprising twists, Matt Kahn is now in our circle of friends. Recently, he married one of Darrin's own extraordinary friends. More proof of the miraculous, connecting power of love.
More Love
I am reminded (again) that I deserve more love, not less! Instead of ruminating about why I'm feeling sad, negative or just down, I will place my hand over my heart and say "I deserve more love, not less"! It is such a simple gesture to myself to use anytime. ❤️
Hummingbirds & new clothes
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Hummingbirds surrounded me today. They symbolize beauty for me. Beauty is more than skin deep. Damn it felt good to buy nice clothes. A coach once said you feel how you dress. Today I felt elegant, worthy, and beautiful.
The light of life
I have been depressed and tired for several days now but could not seem to figure out why. This meditation felt so overwhelming when I thought of giving myself more love than less during this time that I cried through it. But it really unblocked my mind from what I needed: to love myself in my daily life and be kind through this tough time. I greatly appreciate the reminder that I am the most important person in my life, and that the light of life is self-love.
Giving the love I want to receive
Sometimes I can be so hard on myself- perfectionism, shame, and self-doubt leading to sadness, fear, and pain. But the mantra of deserving more love when I feel these difficult emotions takes away the negative energy and pours light over my unpleasant emotions to soften them. If I want love from others I know I must first give it to myself. Thank you for this avenue to cultivate self love and compassion in difficult times 🙏🏻
Love more not less
When I am critical of myself or others this is a signal "more love is needed here, not less"
More Love, Not Less
It is so easy to chide myself when I am experiencing negative thoughts or emotions and even physical pain. It never occurred to me that these are the times when I actually need to offer myself more love, not less. I am grateful for this insight. Namaste 🙏🏻.
Recognize My Emotions First
Before I can redirect my emotional energy, I must first acknowledge my negative self talk, and ask myself "Why do I feel this way? Where in my body can I feel that energy?" For me, the answer almost always boils down to FEAR. Fear is usually my own creation, not reality. Only then can I truly believe the words in this meditation and take them to heart.
More love, not less
Really needed this, thanks Christina! Calmed me down and helped me practice self compassion. Stressful day and stressful tomorrow, but will take this with me.
Have more ❤️
Have love... for myself! And more love when I'm feeling down ☺️
I learned that instead of punishing myself for my feelings that I should turn love more onto myself. This is highly revolutionary for me bc I'm better at loving others when they're down than myself. Self-flagellation truly is counterproductive and is not mindfulness.
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