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Money Magnet

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Irene Zwaan
Hypnotherapist & Energy Healer
We all need money to pay our bills. We need money to do things. Money makes it easier to do things. Money allows us to eat. Money is a good thing. We can use it in a good way to make life easier. Look for a quiet place and focus on my words. Repeat this twice a day. Best to do early morning or in te evening before bedtime. Create some magic in your life!...Just see what happens wen you repeat this daily !
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Walter J
I Am a Money Magnet...! I Am Successful...! I Am Extremely Creative...! I Am Lovable...! Money is attracted to me! I Enjoy helping others...! Plus many other Affirmations to retrain our brains for success!! Thanks Irene, you explained it very well what to do. ❤️✌🏼🍀
Money is coming my way right now!
I am a money magnet Money makes me happy 😃 Money is coming my way right now! 😊
Nadir A.
Once I read the Book {the secret} I figured out....
That our brains contain magnetic stones call atimantium inside of our brains. And what ever you think you end up manifesting it....... (so careful what you put in your mind and how you think) because you just might manifest it. So think positive at all time and let your thoughts take physical form or solidify.
The power of affirmation
Affirmation, positive thinking, and positive thinking will allow me to have the life I dream about. I need to remember that this journey is my own, and to honor my true authentic self and to allow my heart to guide me.
Money meditation
Let money flow in your life.... Think positive and believe let it happen🙏
Felt odd.
Seems odd to me to be using my mindfulness meditation practice to wish for monetary wealth. I have so much in my life already, more than I deserve really. I know that when I have extra monetary wealth in my life, I share it. Freely. If I were to find myself with some major windfall, I would spread that wealth as far and as wide as I could. I'd concentrate in making many many dreams come true.
Walter J
Programming your mind for more abundance is a fun & wise thing to do !! Thanks again for these affirmations Irene! They are wonderful! ❤️💵👍🏼🍀
Money for everyone
Thoughts are really powerful... more powerful then we can imagine... give it a try everyday and let me know what happens.....
never laughed so much during a meditation hahahaha I don't know why, I am quite mental atm
Mumbly voice distracting
Irene Zwaan (spelling?) is so hard to understand that it takes me out of mindfully meditating nearly every time.
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