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Monday Morning Micro Meditation - Mmmm

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Martyn Healy
Hypnotist & NLP Therapist
Take 3 minutes out to start your week and focus on the good stuff
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Monday mornings
I learned that I can do this now. Me and boots are sitting in awe of aura really great learning and meditating app.
Morning meditation
I learned that peace starts within myself and that my angels are still with even after I tried pushing them away. They don’t leave me and they still love me.
Monday Motivation
Hello Monday…What do you have in store for me for today and throughout the week? As I think about my week ahead while focusing on my breath, I see myself moving through my week flawlessly with ease. I smile about all the positive interactions I will have. It is going to be a great week! And so it is.
The Way
Our brains tend to seek out the negative in every situation. We can flip the script though by seeking out the positive in every situation. It takes the same amount of energy so why not choose the latter and feel good? This week, I have things to do for upcoming meetings. With my mind already doing what it does best, I interrupted it by inserting all the wonderful possibilities that are available to me. I choose to focus on my power. Therefore, anytime I begin to feel stressed, I will recall my intention for this week. To aspire to inspire. As I work, I will remember that perfection doesn’t exist. I am perfectly imperfect. By focusing on creating enlightening meditations and talks I will be delivering later this week, I see my peers, mentor and students receiving them with a half smile on their faces. I also see myself answering questions about mindfulness of body and breath with ease. Love is The Way! Therefore, I choose love in every moment! Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
Amazing Monday Morning
This is Monday perfection! I even giggled a few times. If you're going to make it up make it good. Nailed it!
Lighthearted & effective
Loved this—quick meditation that relaxed me AND made me smile and want to share. This is a keeper!
This is my mantra for the week. Making good stuff up! Ditching the made up gunk. Leaving behind assumptions.