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Momentum Meditation

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Bradley T. Morris
Meditation Guide, Author, Creator, Coach
Looking for momentum in your life, business, or with a project? This meditation will bring forth the energy, clarity, and momentum you need to move forward with confidence.
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9 reflections
Walter J
A very different session. A lot of suggested alternating breathing between mouth and nose and nose as mouth kept me a little unbalanced. But he did get into a nice deep rhythm with lots of suggestions but almost felt like a workout! I may have focused too much on what he was saying, trying to keep up if it was nose inhale mouth exhale or vice verse, instead of allowing his powerful hidden messages to soak in. He offered some excellent suggestions and did get me revved up, just in an unusual manner. ❤️💪🏼🍀
Cyndee 🌊
The power of deep breathing 🌬 The power of words 🗣 The power of drums 🥁 Combining all these actions gave me the much needed energy to take on the long day ahead of me! Namaste 🙏
Walter J
Very powerful breathing session that picked me right up! The drums create a mesmerizing rhythm that helped me get in sync with the new energy flowing into and blessing my body and the old/used energy being discarded thru my breathe. Feeling fresh and ready to take on my next ‘Nows’ with newfound Energy! Yeah Buddy!! ❤️💪🏼🍀
I am not a fan of this one. The breathing technique was all over the place which I found distracting because I could not keep up with if I was suppose to be breathing in from my nose or my mouth. So halfway through I chose to just inhale through my nose and out through my mouth. Towards the end when it was just the drums beating in the background I was about to focus on setting my intention for the day.
This was an amazing meditation! It was challenging to alternate my breathing but I eventually experienced. Thanks for your gentle guidance🙏. This is one of my most favorite meditations!
What a great morning meditation! I am full of energy and ready to meet the day and any challenges it brings with excitement! Namaste!!
Buzzed with Gratitude
We create our experiences by our thoughts. Psi When we come from a place of abundance rather than from a place of lack, we invite more abundance in our lives. In this amazing meditation, Bradley has us ground ourselves by way of the cowabunga breath and a visualization followed by some normal breaths to listen to the drums and feel the awesome experience we have just created. Getting settled, I went inward to connect with my breath. Doing the cowabunga breath, I felt my energy rise. Visualizing myself corkscrewed in the earth with each inhale and exhale of breath, I felt myself grounded in the Now. Visualizing a white light blanket my body while letting go of any thoughts that disrupt my true self, I felt my inner power emerge. With my inner power in charge, I have the momentum to continue on this journey. With my heart wide open, I welcome love into my life. As Bradley’s voice faded, I went back to normal breathing while placing the tip of my tongue at the roof of my mouth. Fully listening to the memorizing sounds of the drums, my body vibrated, energizing me even more! I couldn’t help but think of myself dancing with the drums! Smiling, I thought of all the blessings in my life. Connecting with the abundance all around me, my body buzzed with gratitude. With the meditation coming to a close, I set the intentions to be present so I may witness opportunities right in front of me and to share the many blessings I’ve been given with everyone else. Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️ P.S. If you can control your breath, meaning hold it for short amounts of time to follow Bradley’s cowabunga breath technique, then I highly recommend listening to this amazing meditation!
Bringing in Abundance, Removing Thoughts of Scarcity
I came away from this 15 meditations feeling a deep and calming reminder that I am in control of my emotions and my emotions and decisions create my reality. Its an empowering feeling to slow down and remember this and to stop blaming others or coming up with thoughts of lack and not good enough.
Recognise abundance
This was a great practise to help me recognise the abundance i have in my life even when things might seem stressful and overwhelming. I love the guided breathing that Bradley shares in this practises. Thank you.
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