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Jiva Masheder
Mindfulness & Self-Compassion Teacher
It's so easy to leap to conclusions, particularly if we feel stressed or annoyed - listen to this story to hear how we can often understand so wrongly, and how mindfulness can help you see more clearly.
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The powerfulness Of a mindfulness practice
For me the most important part of this story was not the ending, but was when the man noticed how anger affects his body. Because I now experience complete relaxation and peace while practicing mindfulness I can remember that feeling when I am in a stressful situation and calm myself down just as the man in this story did. I can choose to become even in stressful situations.
How many times have we all felt this way when in a long line. Being mindful and taking time to breath and relax places us in a more positive mood. Only then can we truly connect and understand others.
It’s nice to be able to catch yourself resisting what is and just let yourself be with it. I’ll never forget the day many years ago when I decided to stop wanting my boss to be more like the president of our company. It was one of the most freeing moments of my life. Once I let him be himself, all my anger dissipated. This meditation reminded me to look at my relationships today to see who I’ve been resisting.
i have a real quick temper and this story reminded me that other people have a lot of shit goin on that i don’t know about. i needa be more patient and take time to understand before i’m so quick to judge and be mad
Anger prevention
It is not always about our own emotions, sometimes it’s about how we could possibly make others feel.
Painful Feelings
Anxiety and stress are painful, unpleasant emotions. Learning to deal with them is an act of compassion for yourself.
Perceiving my own needs
Sometimes I am perceptive of other’s needs, but I forget to stop and check in on myself. I frequently make sure things are done at work with quality and precision, that I often leave feeling completely empty. It may be on purpose, because what could go wrong if I could feel once I left work?
In situations that make you feel irritated, you should realize that everybody else has problems too but they are just trying to enjoy their day, don’t let your negative attitude ruin it and just live in the moment
Stay calm....
Practicing meditation has helped me with anger and I didn’t think about this until listening to this session. I used to work with someone who swore a lot, walked around with strong body language and hateful facial expression and also vented out loud. This behavior is contagious and many of us talked about how we never had a problem with anger until we worked with her for a period of time. I didn’t like the way it felt every time I got angry and I started to revert back to the way I was before this person came into my life. This person is now working all days and we work all night and no one is wearing, we hardly ever get angry and we’ve just gone back to dealing with life situations with a more calm and focused attitude. Thanks Jiva, for this story🙏
Walter J
Mind-full-ness (as I like to call it) Has helped me to become more aware of my choices for action vs. being mind-less-ness and simply re-acting to some stimuli without thinking! I am still learning to catch myself before a Re-action happens and it feels good & has a better outcome just like the guy in the story. 😀
Always Remember
This helped me to calm down and remember that other people are also going through so many things that others, such as ourselves, don’t know about. We should all be kinder to each other, as we are all connected in ways beyond our understanding.
In one word this mini-story was excellent! How often do we form an opinion about something when we don’t know all of the facts in the situation?
I learned I was that man standing in line but more importantly I was also that cashier lady. Makes me reflect a lot.
Great story!
This story really points out how quick we, as a society, are to judge a situation. It’s a great reminder that sometimes everyone needs to pause.
Love this
This story is me! Impatient, rushed, quick to judge. The simplicity of slowing down, pausing and realizing that I don’t have all the facts. It is so freeing.
Hair comb anger
I leave my hair comb in the bathroom because it’s convenient and because the mirror is in there. I get angry and scream, complain, and blame every one who uses this bathroom. One is always on my mind to blame and that’s my brother. I struggle to be mindful of the situation and this contributes to my anxiety. It makes me dislike my family and think they are all responsible for my anger when only one or two of my siblings are getting my comb out of the bathroom without telling me.
Taking a step back
This story has made me realize that I am a lot like the man. I am so quick to judge and assume before understanding all the facts. I must learn to take a step back when necessary and reflect on the situation before judging. Great story!
Be chill
This dude had worked hard on resisting anger and that was good because if he ahead not he would have been very upset with himself.this story teaches me to subside my anger and to never judge a book by it’s cover.great story!
You never know...
You simply can never know the true story of those around you. Better to give the benefit of the doubt in any given situation. I HOPE that others around me do this now! I've had plenty of situations where I've had to grumble or even shout to the thoughtless masses who are being rude or pushy...I may not LOOK like I have physical issues stemming from my massive stroke, but a thoughtless nudge at the wrong time can send me to the ground now. I recall a time over 20 years ago wife was pregnant with our first daughter Aurora, who just turned 20 years old last week. We were in line at the local movie theater to see the first star Wars ”prequel” and there was a huge queue line of excited fans waiting to get in. We were near the doors because she and a coworker friend had been able to sit in line all day while I and the rest of our party were at work for the day. When the doors were opened, the crowd rushed forward, jostling my wife and threatening to push her down. I ROARED over the crowd that they were endangering a pregnant woman! That stopped most of the jostling! At 6’-4” with a huge barrel chest, I can be pretty loud and intimidating!
It was a reminder that you always don’t know the full story. Too often people make assumptions or judgments about situations which are often not correct.
Sometimes when you see someone and judge them you don’t know a lot about them. We all often misjudge a person because we don’t know the full story. We may not know what a person is going through or all the tough times. Sometimes we should just smile no mater what. We don’t know what they are going through but a smile might change a person’s day or attitude. A small act of kindness can change the world. If I have learned one thing it’s that a smile goes a long way.
Sometimes when we get angry at the strangest things, we have to stop, take a breather, and put ourselves in that persons shoes. For example, a girls is sad but took your spot on accident at school, instead of getting mad, we need to ask what’s wrong.
I felt that this was telling me it's ok to feel what we feel, but to always know the facts before allowing that feeling to take over. Dont be too quick to judge or get angry without knowing all of the facts of the situation. Always be humble and grateful for what we have as other may not be so lucky. Always be kind and patient as others may need our projection of these to help make their day a little brighter. Life is not a guarantee, slow down, enjoy the little things in life and even the big things too, just always remember to enjoy it.
Be aware! You never know all of the facts. You only know what you see and how you see it. Try to open your mind. Pause before you react.
I learned that you don’t always know everything about a person or a situation, and therefore should always consider this before making a judgement or acting on one.
Somehow not thinking is the best way to feel refreshed. Waiting in stillness and keeping from movement helps tremendously.
It was calming
I learned that I am not the only person who responds to certain situations angered.
People talk about me that im perfert in myself , they believe that i have my own way too survive any problem. Because they think im perfect . But the truth is i feel tired , im tired of these life , i feel always alone , thats why i download this app to feel
Great Story
I also find myself getting easily angered. That is partially to why I downloaded this app. What a great, quick story.
Walter J
Acceptance ...
What a powerful short story!! I found several ‘learns’ tucked away in it. Like never underestimate the love of a mom - it is a powerful force! Both the child’s mom having to work to feed her family and her mom making herself available to bring her grand baby in to see mom. Or the hidden miracle that sometimes others know what is best for us - as in the case of the man forced into taking mindfulness sessions to get his anger under control- thank goodness he was able to swallow his pride and actually pay attention in class & learn some useful things. And that is a gem in itself - apply what you learn in life as soon as you can. It helps to solidify the lesson and most likely it came into your life, at that time for a reason. Which brings us to awareness - I am fully convinced that life gives us hints and signs of what we should do... but, we must be paying attention, living in the Now, aware of & non-judge mental of the form they may take. Great story Jiva, thank you! ❤️🙏🏼🍀
Sometimes people are stressed about something and the energy can be frustrating for others to deal w
Be patient because you never know what people are going through and a little bit of patience can go a long way.
Pause and relax before you react. You never know all of the facts so don't jump to conclusions
Misperceptions story
I really enjoyed listening to this story! It has such a great message - being angry hurts others and yourself. It is easy to get angry about things but it’s so important to take a step back and consider where the anger is actually coming from, especially if you don’t have all the facts in a situation. Loved this story!
Hurry leads go fury or worry
I noticed myself in the man, and that when I feel rushed I often either get frustrated or anxious, when really there is rarely if ever a true emergency. Why be impatient? Why am I rushing? I feel and share my best when I slow down and set my ego and false urgency aside.
You don't know all the facts in a situation. Relax, breathe, smiles, acknowledge the positive, a baby's smile.
That is a very common situation and it is great to gain some perspective on it in a broader sense
There’s more to the story
Often i get overwhelmed and anxious thinking about what is going on with my ex or what he might be doing; if he’s seeing someone else or if he’s completely done with me. But i don’t know his whole story and he doesn’t know mine anymore. And that’s okay. If that’s how it’s meant to be then that’s how it’s meant to be.
Anger management
Ik leerde dat er altijd meer is aan een verhaal, een moment.. gedrag van iemand daar zit ook steeds iets achter Als je voelt dat je kwaad wordt- wordt bewust van je lichaam - wat voel je? En kalmeer eerst voor je iemand zou aanspreken.
Thank you
This story made me a little teary and has changed my whole perspective today. Thank you. We really never know what someone else might be going through and it is so important to slow down and understand our emotions before responding to a situation. Peace and love always.
Eye opening
I noticed that this is how I feel when I am frustrated by a situation and in a hurry. I need to be more mindful of other peoples situations and not jump to conclusions because I don’t know the whole story.
Nothing the Body
I’ve felt this way so many times. I blame other people for my frustration. I would react and speak without thinking. I always hated the way it drained me after those feelings went away. It took so much energy out of me to be mad. I still have these moments but much less. I like that the story mentions noticing how your body starts to feel as a reaction. The heart racing, blood boiling, thoughts running fast, and he stopped and noticed how his body was reacting and was able to control it. That is something I would like to try.
Angry and frustrated
I can’t decide what is right and best for me. I’m afraid of making a bad choose and loose money... that makes me feel tense and angry and frustrated
I learned that I can be more self aware of how I manifest stress and judgment. Especially when I feel rushed.
I’m feeling grateful that I have been mindful of misperceptions lately and will continue to notice when I’m feeling frustrated and breathe and be aware that I may not know everything around the situation.
Anger and depression fustrated
I needed to learn to relax myself because if I don’t I could really die but it hard I’m trying so hard I been really proud of myself lately I’ve been my calm lately around my family I been a little bit happier than usual I’m also getting consulting😊
I’m so low so alone
Each day I wish I wasn’t hear. I want to disappear I want the pain of loneliness to stop, please spectre leave me alone or take me away to disappear for ever to stop the pain. 😞
Anxiety and Smoke
I learned that my anxiety is my flight or fight reaction to life moments activities myself. I need to get better and reaction to this feeling so they don’t over take me
I am reminded to pause before reacting. Not to over analyze everything. Breathing is a good exercise to learn.
My anger is my biggest flaw. I fly off the handle so much at those I love and those I respect and I have been trying, through mindfulness, to address it. This story was really helpful because it may be understand that most anger comes from a misperception. But, when one has all the facts, and not just opinions or feelings, one can make a more rational next step. I hope to one day be able to say that I have conquered my anger. Just the facts…
I noticed my mind couldn’t concentrate on the story being told
I learned that it’s not always about me. There are people who have more serious concerns than I do.
Poignant and illuminating
I learned that it’s so important to pause and think before acting. That we shouldn’t see the world in black and white terms. That we should bring compassion to everything we do.
Think before you react
There’s a reason for everything. Some may not be understanding to you, but for someone else it means everything.
Calm down
Allow yourself the opportunity to be happy. We are our biggest road blocks to feeling and living the way we desire. We can only open up this doorway through mindfulness.
First Day
Today was a bit easier but it was a very long, busy day which kept me distracted. This story was a perfect example of how you don’t know what other people may be going through in their lives. Be kind.
I can be could be the man the story how often i jump to my first thought or judgement especially if im hurried,tired, upset or something else l. I learned that i have to slow down take couple breaths and remind myself that i do not have all the facts , etc to jump to a fast hastily often wrong conclusion, which often embarrassing myself.
I often jump to conclusions and am quick to anger and gossip. Hold my tongue and “pause” allow the moment to pass through …again
A reminder to start from a place of empathy as everyone has their own story and challenges they’re dealing with
jess 🧡
i have learnt from this meditation that although we all go through tough times and get annoyed really easily at other people’s actions, we always need to take a moment to calm down. we do not know what those other people are going through, so taking your anger out on them is never the solution :)
You noticed that I finally fucking found out the bullshit allegations are truth fuck you
I learned that Gods truths, always! 💡prevails and that the stank ass hoes you
I learnt that I’m easily distracted and need to work on this
I learned this concept in Covey’s 7 habits work, but it was a good reminder.
I felt Alone today and I’m lost with my identity after 17 -yrs raising my daughter I know they’ll always be my baby’s however I am fearful of being more sad and alone
I learned today my husband of 20 yrs Has me grieving everything that was him included. Do we actually grow and grieve how our past was with people who are here with us still but not as they had in life?
I learned that anger can be a perception change the mindset and your mood changes
Change your perception of what you felt like that. Change the feeling.
What you think you know and you understand may not be the actual case. Sometimes our perceptions are just that - only worse - resulting in big misperceptions that lead us astray. But even knowing the facts should not allow us to get angry over being delayed a few minutes. Our anger has a way of undermining and hurting ourselves. His mindfulness served him well.
Other people are working on their own stuff. Think of others first. You don’t know their story
We don’t know all the facts Powerful lesson. Control my fast mind. It’s not all about me
I’m absolutely loving the meditations and meditations love me ❤️😃
I love love the way the meditations because they are so easy to do and so easy to learn how to relax and they are like yoga 🧘🏼‍♀️ and I love them 😍 it’s amazing 🤩 how much you can accomplish with the meditations and I just want people to get used to the things that they do and I love 💗 them and I want to get into them and I love 💕 thank y’all for them I have learned that when I meditate 🧘🏼‍♀️ I can really appreciate them and realize that I am in heaven and I have noticed that when I have meditations that they don’t have relaxation to but they do help you relax and stay focused and calm down during the night that is what I love them
It’s always good to press pause before reacting so you can rather respond. Another beautiful gentle reminder! Thank you!
Pause and Reflect before Reacting
It’s important to pause and reflect on your anger or emotions to a situation before reacting because you are likely not seeing the entire situation. The anger you are feeling is solely based on your perception of the situation and not the bigger picture of what is actually going on.
The things and people smiles are not like we think. Every one is suffering, has problems and so and we cannot judge them by our opinions which can be false.
Thank you for reminding me to pause before I react and to observe the situation.