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Jiva Masheder
Mindfulness & Self-Compassion Teacher
It's so easy to leap to conclusions, particularly if we feel stressed or annoyed - listen to this story to hear how we can often understand so wrongly, and how mindfulness can help you see more clearly.
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The powerfulness Of a mindfulness practice
For me the most important part of this story was not the ending, but was when the man noticed how anger affects his body. Because I now experience complete relaxation and peace while practicing mindfulness I can remember that feeling when I am in a stressful situation and calm myself down just as the man in this story did. I can choose to become even in stressful situations.
How many times have we all felt this way when in a long line. Being mindful and taking time to breath and relax places us in a more positive mood. Only then can we truly connect and understand others.
It’s nice to be able to catch yourself resisting what is and just let yourself be with it. I’ll never forget the day many years ago when I decided to stop wanting my boss to be more like the president of our company. It was one of the most freeing moments of my life. Once I let him be himself, all my anger dissipated. This meditation reminded me to look at my relationships today to see who I’ve been resisting.
i have a real quick temper and this story reminded me that other people have a lot of shit goin on that i don’t know about. i needa be more patient and take time to understand before i’m so quick to judge and be mad
Anger prevention
It is not always about our own emotions, sometimes it’s about how we could possibly make others feel.
Painful Feelings
Anxiety and stress are painful, unpleasant emotions. Learning to deal with them is an act of compassion for yourself.
Perceiving my own needs
Sometimes I am perceptive of other’s needs, but I forget to stop and check in on myself. I frequently make sure things are done at work with quality and precision, that I often leave feeling completely empty. It may be on purpose, because what could go wrong if I could feel once I left work?
In situations that make you feel irritated, you should realize that everybody else has problems too but they are just trying to enjoy their day, don’t let your negative attitude ruin it and just live in the moment
Stay calm....
Practicing meditation has helped me with anger and I didn’t think about this until listening to this session. I used to work with someone who swore a lot, walked around with strong body language and hateful facial expression and also vented out loud. This behavior is contagious and many of us talked about how we never had a problem with anger until we worked with her for a period of time. I didn’t like the way it felt every time I got angry and I started to revert back to the way I was before this person came into my life. This person is now working all days and we work all night and no one is wearing, we hardly ever get angry and we’ve just gone back to dealing with life situations with a more calm and focused attitude. Thanks Jiva, for this story🙏
Walter J
Mind-full-ness (as I like to call it) Has helped me to become more aware of my choices for action vs. being mind-less-ness and simply re-acting to some stimuli without thinking! I am still learning to catch myself before a Re-action happens and it feels good & has a better outcome just like the guy in the story. 😀
Always Remember
This helped me to calm down and remember that other people are also going through so many things that others, such as ourselves, don’t know about. We should all be kinder to each other, as we are all connected in ways beyond our understanding.
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