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Mindfulness of Thoughts

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Jiva Masheder
Mindfulness & Self-Compassion Teacher
Generally, our thoughts run the show and we think that they're who we are. But what if we bring awareness to them and see that they're just mental events, coming and going, and that they don't have to run the show at all?
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2 reflections
Great if you’re struggling with meditating
I use this meditation nearly everyday because the timing of verbal cues, and the guide’s encouragement style. Her frequent reassurances and continual reminders that struggling with a wandering mind is normal are highly effective, at least for me. For some reason, her style of guidance helps me feel less frustrated than with other meditations where my mind wanders. On days when you can’t seem to stop your wandering thoughts, I recommend trying this meditation instead as a way to ease into a more settled state of mind. I usually find that I am able to do more difficult or even self-guided meditations immediately after doing this one.
It felt
easier than normal but my mind still Processed. I almost fell asleep. I need to practice more. I did it though. Air is my word.
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