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Mindfulness of Thoughts

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There are a few ways we can manage negative unhelpful thoughts. One way is through mindfulness of thoughts, otherwise known as cognitive defusion. This exercise will help you to develop a new relationship with your negative thoughts and reduce the intensity of these thoughts.
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11 reflections
My thoughts become real
As I think, I become. My mind has the ability to convince me of what I am, good or bad. What I “think” of myself, I am right!
Mindfulness of thought
A thought doesn’t have to have power, it’s just a thought I can acknowledge the thought and move on without letting it tear me down.
I’m noticobg
How refreshing to realise that I am not my thoughts. I really like this exercise
When I think of some of my unpleasant thoughts, those that can rattle me, when I think of them being open with them they aren’t as powering
I will practice this
I really needed this. I don’t notice a lot of intrusive throughts as such. I just accept as truth. I will continue to practice this when I have an intrusive thought and say, “I’m noticing I’m having a thought that…”
I feel lighter
I learned how to distance myself from my thoughts and reduce the impact of my thoughts.
Thoughts are just thoughts
I learned that thoughts aren’t always real. We must use discernment to filter out the positive/negative from the true/false. This isn’t always easy but with guided meditations and CBT I can begin to slowly but surely get better at knowing real from untrue thoughts.
Barbara Harrow
Negative thoughts
When I have negative thoughts, not to let them overcome me. Let them go
The depression is fighting back.
This is an excellent tool to use in my fight. The depression is fighting back agains the effects of my TMS and I need new weapons. This one is perfect.
Just thoughts
Feeling depressed because I was having thoughts that I’m not good enough and I feel so lonely. I’m okay now. Those are thoughts. I have the love of family and friends. I just need to feel that. People love me. I am lovable. I will find real love again one day. I will find my real person. I will find joy in myself first. I will forgive myself for everything.
Defusing negative thoughts
I learned that I have the ability to defuse my negative thoughts: Negative Thought I’m having the negative thought that… I’m noticing that I’m having the negative thought that… By following this progression of awareness and thinking, I can reduce and remove the intensity and emotional distress of the negative thought. Yay me! 😍