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Mindfulness Of Speech

13 Min
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Guided By Kim
Hypnotherapist, Yoga/Meditation Teacher
Mindfulness of our words, the tone of our words, and being truthful are so important to our relationships at home or work. Enjoy this meditation of awareness on the throat chakra with commitments to truthfulness, kindness, and being mindful of unnecessary speech.
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3 reflections
Tension in the throat
I hold a lot of tension in my throat-so much so that I have developed Vocal Cord Dysfunction and other issues there which affect me daily. The attention to the throat in this meditation was helpful.
A chatterbox’s best friend!
As a lifelong “motormouth” who consciously struggles to filter and moderate the tone and content of her speech, the targeted affirmations in this meditation really help me focus on that goal during day to day interactions. I plan to use this as frequently as possible.
Learning to be mindful of what I say. To avoid idle chatter and only speak for good