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Mindfulness of Sounds

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Jiva Masheder
Mindfulness & Self-Compassion Teacher
It's easy to think of sounds while we're meditating as a distraction, but we can easily turn that round and make them a help, in fact mindfulness of sounds is a great practice. We simply become receptive and open to sounds, letting go of labeling and thinking about them, and listen to the ongoing symphony around us.
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Sounds in meditation
Sitting in a silent apartment in midtown Manhattan, 15 floors up from the street, window open, crisp cool air winding around, I notice that while there are sounds - the occasional coo of a dove, chirp from a sparrow, laugh from a gull, a little bit of street noise, and, at meditation’s end, the sound of a jet plane rushing above me - there is no noise. Perhaps listening to and tuning in to sounds, one by one, or in their own unique symphony, is a way to stop hearing all the noise. Namaste.
End of busy day sounds
Using my earpods, but can still clearly hear the sounds of my household winding down from a LOONNNGGG busy day. I'm exhausted, and despite the lesson I'm listening to, my youngest daughter on the phone with her best friend is SO DARNED LOUD! Now my newly sixteen year old son is wandering the house with his big birthday present...AN ELECTRIC GUITAR (gotta’ remember to ”thank” my mother-in-law for THAT!) Good night Aura! Sleep well everyone!
End of a busy workday
As the night end of a busy night I can still hear the sounds of my associates calling me talking to me “ clean up on 10” or something. I feel like I need to find another way cause it be busy in the stock room.
We all have energetic anchors
This was a nice short meditation which showed me a clever way to redirect my thoughts by focusing on outward sounds. Doing so also rests the mind from taxing and stressful thoughts. This, in-turn, provides an anchor “within” your powerful and ever-attracting scope of energy, instead of an anchor “outside” of it. I’m grateful for this knowledge and welcome it into my daily practice.
Jiva, great! Sounds as objects of practice! Rain, ocean, birds. Added imaginary sounds and colors! Will use sound more when walking. Thanks!
Sound meditation is one of my favorites. It is so nice just to sit and be with the lovely sounds all around. I heard birds greeting the day and my cat purring.
Listen and meditate with sounds. By doing this it helps me relax.
Short and sweet
Ahhh using sounds around you as a way of being present. Instead of seeing them as an annoyance and distraction,use them as an anchor to stay present. ❤️
This is so
Groovy. Why don’t you take like 3 minutes of your life & be in the Mindfulness of Sounds? Thanks ☕️🐝☕️
Mindful Sounds
I always enjoyed the sounds of different things whether it be nature or even the sounds of everyday things I find them to be extremely relaxing and peaceful
Walter J
Interesting session about learning to use sounds (that could easily distract you) as the focal point to stay in the now. I found it rather easy to do and will use this as a helpful tool in the future. Thanks Jiva & Aura! 👂🏼❤️🍀
Sounds as anchors
I like idea of using sound as a meditation focal point rather then a distraction. Seems like good ex we use for improving concentration.
Lovely lesson
Learned something new! Focusing on sounds is a good technique!
Listening to sounds
This one was difficult for me. I actually had a song stuck in my head while trying to listen which was distracting. Sometimes was able to bring my attention back to the message. Was still peaceful to listen to in order to be intentional about doing something positive, in this case trying to refocus on her voice and the sound of running water in the background.
Sound sounds opening to the sense of hearing
I learned so much and can take this into my day - mostly subtle and softer sounds during The meditation don’t even well not meditating there will be plenty of practice
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