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Mindfulness of Food

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At the end of a long day, it can be all too easy to just eat mindlessly. This meditation helps you to practice eating mindfully, so you can start to slow down and really enjoy your meals. 
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6 reflections
Slow down
I need to slow down and enjoy life. I need to stop taking on others problems and start thinking and caring more about myself.
Taking a break...
Even in The most stressful moments one can take a break and have a mindful moment and appreciate the sensations around you.
Enjoying each day
I can enjoy each moment and be a calming presence for others.
mindfulness of food
Bruce Lee used to always enjoy watching people eat when he was dining out. “If you watch very carefully you will be able to anticipate exactly when they are going to take the next bite even before they realize it themselves.” Mindfulness is a way of slowing down and paying attention, which is a valuable skill that can be an asset in so many areas of our lives. If we can observe with undistracted concentration each piece of food we put into our bodies it can help us make healthier choices, which benefits everyone in the long run...
I learned that slowing down I am refreshed, like after the rain.
jess 🧡
When first hearing this meditation it seemed really funny to me, to do a little meditation on food. As it progressed I actually found it quite hard to just relax and enjoy my food, making me realise that I should take my time and enjoy the little things when i can :)