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Mindfulness of Breathing with Less Guidance

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Carla-Jo Geraghty
Mindfulness Teacher and Mentor
This Mindfulness of Breathing Practice has less guidance than usual so you can have more space to focus on your practice. Please note: If you are struggling with your mental health it's really important to seek professional help. These meditations are not a substitute for that but can be used along side therapy to help to support you. For more on Carla-Jo and her work please see
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3 reflections
Mindfulness of Breathing with less guidance
In this mindfulness of breathing meditation there is less guidance so there is more space for you to practice deepening your awareness ❤️ enjoy and do let me know how you get on. I love to hear about your experiences ☺️
Quiet 🤫 Calm & Peaceful 🌞
I did like the stillness and quiet of this session very much. It was very relaxing and I didn’t drift back off to sleep again. I did become very calm and I have a good feelin overall. My mind isn’t busy this morning. I feel relaxed and at peace. Thanks Carla-Jo 🙏🌺
Light guidance w/breath
I appreciated being mindful of the different aspects of breath. How every breath is different and that we should be curious.
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