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Mindfulness Looking Practice

3 Min
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Irene Zwaan
Hypnotherapist & Energy Healer
You can stand by this practice by a window and observe. This looks simple and it is. Doing it with attention everyday it will calm your mind. Try it for a few days and look what the effect will be on you.
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Standing by the window. Be aware of everything and relax body and mind inside!
I felt very connected to the world. It seemed as if the world slowed down but it was really my mind slowing down; an illusion of time. That change of pace on my mind was very refreshing. Thank you for this new point of view on meditation and mindfulness.
Look and see. Listen and hear. Pay attention and feel. Then look inside of yourself and give attention to what you are feeling.
I liked that this was about your surroundings. Feeling the wind. Noticing the sky. I have been doing this a lot lately. Mostly when heading into work. I have started breathing deeply before going in to help ground me and ease some of the sadness and tension I feel walking in the building. This meditation was hard for me to get into. At first it was music, which I was fine focusing on. Then the music for aura and the woman’s voice that says “Aura” jarred me out of my peaceful moment. And a new woman started talking. A good reminder to be more flexible and adaptable. Things change.
Mindfulness practice
Feel calm in a few seconds. Change you way of viewing........
policeman’s easter
the call came through around 4pm domestic dispute he’d been there before young couple with three little kids crammed into a two bedroom apartment they ran a house cleaning business hard workers hard drinkers he called for backup the husband could get violent after an hour they had managed to restore the peace as he was leaving he noticed the little girl looking at him her eyes were pleading “Please don’t go! Don’t leave me here with them.” There was nothing else he could do for her. It broke his heart.
Mindfulness in 3 minutes
Yes only in 3 minutes.. just relax yourself because you can...
Completely present
This is my second meditation this morning and I feel like the first one primed me for the second one. I looked out my window and I felt calm from the first meditation. I felt like I was in a light trance, but still focused and calm and I started to get a sensation throughout my body. I felt weightless and my skin felt a little tingly. I guess this is what it feels like to let go of everything and just take in the beauty of everything you see. To just be living in the moment, to be completely present. Thanks 🙏 Irene
Calm 🦋
This meditation did help me feel calmer inside. I’m gazing out over a lake with trees and birds, people walking, dogs playing on the grass and a soft blue clear sky. I couldn’t be more happy. Thanks 🙏 Irene
Moment of appreciation
I enjoyed this mindful looking practice while sitting on my patio. Looking up at the tall trees basking in the late afternoon sun. It’s been a good day and I’m grateful for this moment of appreciation for nature. Thanks again Irene 🙏
Things that we take for granted can come alive with a bit of mindfulness
Walter J
Interesting meditation! Done while standing & looking out my window at one of my gardens. I became more at ease & very calm. Just noticing all the details led me to appreciate the work I have put into them over the past 20 years. Which made me feel a warm tingle all over. My mind feels blissfully blank and I am ready for sleep... ❤️😴🍀
Mindful Looking
When we take a moment to truly see, or mindfully look what is in our surroundings, we can experience calm and relaxation in the body and mind. In this meditation, we are given the chance to experience calm and relaxation by mindful looking outside our window. There is a calm after the storm in my surroundings. After receiving almost two inches of rain in the overnight hours, the sun is out in its full glory. The warmth of the sun is drying out the leaves on trees and other vegetation alike. There is a slight breeze of fresh air. The earthworms are enjoying the fresh moisture and the robins are taking advantage of an easy meal. Other birds, such as northern cardinals, white-winged doves and various other songbirds are rejoicing in their song. As I mindfully look in my surroundings, I am truly blessed and grateful. Every day we wake up, we are given a renewal in the form of a brand new day. Taking a moment to mindfully look around in our surroundings gives us a chance to appreciate what we have. When we appreciate what we have, we will find that our overall well-being is greatly improved. Try it and see! Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️