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Mindful Witnessing

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Karuna Priya
Meditation Teacher & Former Monk
This guided meditation can help you see things and people as if seeing for the first time, be less judgmental and open up to new possibilities in relationships and interactions with the world.
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Not enough
I liked where this meditation was going but it cut off before I can understand its point.
Mindful Witnessing
Seeing things without labels!! Seeing things for the first time!! Witnessing sensations as brand new!! This is a good practice in the ultimate step towards seeing people as they really are, like for the first time... No labels, No boundaries, No misconceptions... More importantly, seeing yourself as you truly are...
Living more deeply
I learned that if I can witness a situation, a person, a thought, simply as it is, then a whole new world of listening, discovery, and acceptance will be available to me. I will not be driven by my emotions and judgement but rather by seeing and understanding what is actually there, allowing a much deeper engagement with everything in life.
New perspective and a deeper mindful look
I took a deeper look at a object in my room that has always been special. But looking at it as if I was seeing it for the first time made me appreciate it more, not just for its functionality, for everything that it represents to me. The objects it’s adorned with, where they came from and where my thoughts go wandering when I gaze at them with this perspective of seeing them for the first time. Very special and mindful meditation. Thanks 🙏 Aura
I haven’t been myself lately and i don’t know why. People around me are noticing it and i want my regular self back... any advice? Right now i’m trying to find the cause and i have a couple ideas but i want to be happier. This app is helpful but it’s not helping enough
I see green trees...
Interesting awareness to think about my eyes and how I see, as I examine closely what is in front of me, with it’s rich colors and varying textures. Namaste
Mindful newness
I need to renew my excitement for Jesus everyday and let myself feel what's going on inside more
I felt emotions rise
I learned that when emotions rise I can choose to let them pass by instead of getting caught inside one. I can exhale and examine a different object in my surrounding. Every emotion is a new opportunity to deal with the unpleasant and create my truth.
I was so distracted by the voice in this meditation that I could not wait until the end. This one is not helpful to me.
Hard to just see
For things that I see routinely, I have probably made a mindful judgement about how I see it. Beautiful, ugly, plain, too fancy, etc. I probably won’t be changing my mind. But....for things I see that are outside of my preconceived notion of how they should look, that’s exciting. I can see what ever I choose to see; however I choose to see it. Thanks Aura. 🙏🌷
You are more than your feelings
It would be good to do this meditation when experiencing some real sadness or grief. It would help to realize that these are just feelings and they will pass. I think it would then help me to cope with those intense feelings.
Seeing as if for the first time
Looking with relaxed awareness for new perspectives. A good intention for the day. Namaste
Hard time s
I learned that I am not allowing my self to be able to feel better.
Thoughts as burdens
If I work towards viewing things / situations / people with a fresh eye and clean slate of judgements, I will carry less with me throughout the day. This will clarify my thoughts and feelings, and help me to leave negatives with the moment that already passed.
Mindful Watching
I think as humans with a soul that craves spiritual truth bringing a fresh awareness to our eyes fall short of our true needs.
Mindful Witnessing
I really like this idea of looking at the item, then relaxing the eye, and them returning to the item to witness without labels. WITHOUT LABELS... I really need to be aware of this. I approach people and things with preconceived labels.... Wow
changing vision
I learned instead of trying to change your surroundings.. work on changing what you see.. Change ur mindset...
Changing Vision
I learned that instead of trying to change ur surroundings..work on how you see things and most of all your mind set.
On point
That session was so on point about what I need to work. What makes me sad the most is the lack of some things in my life but I don’t appreciate enough the things I already have that are wonderful.
My mind has a lot of things going on at once and stresses me out. Either sadness or stress etc, but if I focus on things one step at a time I can change and get better each day.
Me time
Today is nice sunny day to have some me time to relax & meditate & write my journal & watch tv & relax on the couch
The intention was good
The intention was good but the accent was a bit distracting for me. I had to rewind it and listen to it again. This one is not my favorite.
Relax then refocus
Relaxing everything then refocusing on viewing and experiencing the object was very helpful to draw my mind back to the present. A good tip to keep in mind. Namaste
new beginnings
life is much more than it seems and now i feel like a much better person since i started.
Mindful Witnessing
When I mindfully witnessed today my perspective shifted and my eyes were opened 🙏🏻
I learned that I shouldn’t hold on to my depression and to my sadness or worries but I should let them go and focus on the positive aspects in life and move on knowing that life will be rough but more happy moments will come around.
i feel amazing right now. i’m not gonna lie. my best friend is making me so happy. and this just made me feel more relaxed and realized that my best friend has put me through a lot but i’ve still stuck with them no matter what. ahhh. i’m actually happy for once in a while :)
Mindful Witnessing
Learn to see things and not label them. Often the way we label things around us is not true.....Including the way we label ourselves
Safe Place
I learned that my safe place is full of warmth and happiness and takes all my worries away, in the arms of my boyfriend is where I can escape from everything.
I learned that I have never really took the time and look at and object and learn how it makes me feel and looking at an object and discovering new details about it
I felt that the objects around me are new and throughout time it gets worn out. I was looking in a mirror that reflected who I was, but not what I imagined.
Seeing for First Time
When we look at people and objects, we usually see them through preconceived lenses. These lenses cause distortion in our beliefs about objects and people. For instance, we see someone who hasn’t showered for a couple of weeks with dirty and ripped clothing on, we immediately obtain an image in our mind about that person and their background. This prevents us from having an openness to others majority of the time. The same goes for objects and other life. For example, we see an insect on the ground. A ladybug gets a lot more attention than let’s say, a cockroach. However different, these insects represent life and both have a right to be on this Earth. The same goes for our fellow brothers and sisters. Looking around in my surroundings, I saw flowers of different shapes and colors, the pool and trees. Zooming in on one particular flower, I noticed the thoughts that entered my mind and felt the sensations I felt in my body. Immediately, I had labeled this yellow flower as pretty. Then I closed my eyes and opened them again, looking at a new object. This time I looked at a picture as if seeing it for the first time, without labeling it. Looking at this picture without preconceived lenses on, I was free to be curious about it. Seeing objects and people as if for the very first time teaches us a few things. First, it teaches us to be aware of labeling. When we catch ourselves consciously doing it, we can stop. Next, it teaches us to accept everything and everyone as they are. Being without any preconceived notions, we see beauty in all things, great and small. Namaste