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Mindful Walking

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Ryan Kenny, LCSW
Meditation Instructor & Resilience Coach
Mindful walking is a helpful technique to hone your attention, bring full awareness into your body, and integrate mindfulness into your everyday life.
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25 reflections
Awesome experience... 😇
Body is so great, be grateful ! Learnt to appreciate everything about ourselves ...
I loved the way it makes one concentrate even in the smallest details, like the moment your feet are not on the floor when you take a step forward. Very good!
Loved this
Stepping with mindfulness turned a short walk into a deep meditation. I love the feeling just after--I feel like I've done something big instead of just walking a few steps.
Not to rush with disconnection
I will try to be more connected with my body as I walk instead of the usual just getting to.., distracted way I walk.
Walking is important
While walking, my mind cleared. It was a great experience, and now I know how important it is to be centered.
Walking meditation
I became aware of the importance of keeping our mind where our body is and not 20 steps ahead where we want our body to be.
But with one step
I realize every journey starts with but one step. This is as I aforesaid a journey within several journeys with me. Walking is the hardest thing for me to do. I was a very active young man. Adventurous to a fault. I've broken my legs (both) numerous times. Suffer a compound fracture of my femur in my right leg along with broken ribs, ankle on my left leg, dislocated both shoulders and several other abrasions as a result of a motorcycle accident and I had when I was 19 years old. Had a knee cap replaced in another accident. (Too foolish to say) and was bedridden in my home for a year. As a result I gained 100 lbs in that bed. Hence my other journey. I have to lose 175 lbs to have both knees replaced. 10 years ago my doctor ask how was I still walking on these legs and I replied "Very painfully" I say ALL this to say. When it said mindful walking I laughed. I thought it was a metaphor for walking in ones mind. Thank God it was only 3 minutes. What I've learned was. In a strange way these exercises have become symbiotic with me. It's almost as if this app can read my mind, and give me exactly what I need when I need it. Like the first time it said "Take a minute to breathe, Karl. I was caught in the grasp of anxiety it's exactly what I needed. So in a very lengthy way what I'm trying to say is thank you, for being a part of this journey with me. It's been a tremendous does help
A good one for me today, as soon as I get to work I walk 100miles an hour, I get so flustered and my steps can't keep up, even when I have fewer things to do. To put in practice lately I've told myself to 'slow down' or I'll burn out. Today I'm going to breathe before I leave my office, and walk slower, each day I'll try and practice this.
Can't do it now
I was in bed trying to sleep so I couldn't do this while listening but will still try at another time because it seems quite relaxing although sometimes I randomly just start walking with no destination so I sort of did the mindful walk
Walking can be meditation
I already knew that but I never thought about each step. People was for physical health all the time but I like this idea of doing it for meditation.
Pay attention to my walking
I will practice this as walk my doggies. I usually multi task as I walk them. Planning the day and the chores ahead. Without truly being in the wonderful moment I am having to spend with my doggies and nature. Instead, I will pay attention to my footsteps and to the beauty of nature All around. Thank you.
Dylaine Mae
All about balance
Shifting from one foot to another. I kind of zoned out again during this meditation, I kept replaying that scene from the movie Malena of Monica Bellucci doing that iconic strut. Anyways, it’s all good, I’m still feeling great and relaxed so yeah :)
Mindful walking
Walking with intention relaxes by body and reduces stress.
Day 11
I learned that walking doesnt help me and that this type of meditation is not the right one for me
good tool
mindful waking is. a great tool to use when i cannot lie down or sit.
Mindful Walking
Weight shifting from one foot to the other. Being aware of my walking, rather than jumping my mind to my destination. Appreciating the time between destinations. Namaste
I’m a college student and I find myself rushing to class every morning. I never take a moment to appreciate the moment I am in or walk peacefully.
Walk diggies
Every day walk can be a moment to enjoy nature and be with my lovely bullies. We love see the trees to relax my mind or just feel the air while breathing...
No More Rushing...
I realized that I rush everywhere. Especially when I am walking at work. Rush. Rush. Rush. I am going to be mindful while walking to connect with myself and slow the pace momentarily every day. I learned I can slow it down, pause, and reconnect with myself even at work. 🌸
First Exercise
I learned that by feeling each part of my foot touch the ground and planting it with care and touch.
Mindful walking
Well.. this was different. I usually like meditating in a seated position, but this was nice too.
Mindful Walking
I didn’t love mindful walking. I found myself just trying to focus on my steps and not really relaxing and clearing my mind.
That I could feel the weight of my feet
Meditation can be done in movement and that I can focus on any part of my body rather then just my mind that is racing
Deep breaths
Being aware of body position (shoulders elevated, tense, holding breath, worry crease between eyes) as carrying myself while walking, sitting, driving, talking with others and working at computer.
All here
This was like practicing yoga for me. I love the idea of keeping your mind and body together, as it should be. Moving with intention. Paying attention to your body and how it feels with each step. Before ever meditating or doing yoga, I always felt like my thoughts were always ahead of my body(predicting). This basic practice really put the idea to stay within myself and not let my mind rush my body through the day. Rushing has to be one of my worst feelings. Thanks for the reminder! Have a great Friday everyone!