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Mindful Walking

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Ryan Kenny, LCSW
Meditation Instructor & Resilience Coach
Mindful walking is a helpful technique to hone your attention, bring full awareness into your body, and integrate mindfulness into your everyday life.
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11 reflections
Awesome experience... 😇
Body is so great, be grateful ! Learnt to appreciate everything about ourselves ...
I loved the way it makes one concentrate even in the smallest details, like the moment your feet are not on the floor when you take a step forward. Very good!
Loved this
Stepping with mindfulness turned a short walk into a deep meditation. I love the feeling just after--I feel like I've done something big instead of just walking a few steps.
Not to rush with disconnection
I will try to be more connected with my body as I walk instead of the usual just getting to.., distracted way I walk.
Walking is important
While walking, my mind cleared. It was a great experience, and now I know how important it is to be centered.
Walking meditation
I became aware of the importance of keeping our mind where our body is and not 20 steps ahead where we want our body to be.
But with one step
I realize every journey starts with but one step. This is as I aforesaid a journey within several journeys with me. Walking is the hardest thing for me to do. I was a very active young man. Adventurous to a fault. I've broken my legs (both) numerous times. Suffer a compound fracture of my femur in my right leg along with broken ribs, ankle on my left leg, dislocated both shoulders and several other abrasions as a result of a motorcycle accident and I had when I was 19 years old. Had a knee cap replaced in another accident. (Too foolish to say) and was bedridden in my home for a year. As a result I gained 100 lbs in that bed. Hence my other journey. I have to lose 175 lbs to have both knees replaced. 10 years ago my doctor ask how was I still walking on these legs and I replied "Very painfully" I say ALL this to say. When it said mindful walking I laughed. I thought it was a metaphor for walking in ones mind. Thank God it was only 3 minutes. What I've learned was. In a strange way these exercises have become symbiotic with me. It's almost as if this app can read my mind, and give me exactly what I need when I need it. Like the first time it said "Take a minute to breathe, Karl. I was caught in the grasp of anxiety it's exactly what I needed. So in a very lengthy way what I'm trying to say is thank you, for being a part of this journey with me. It's been a tremendous does help
A good one for me today, as soon as I get to work I walk 100miles an hour, I get so flustered and my steps can't keep up, even when I have fewer things to do. To put in practice lately I've told myself to 'slow down' or I'll burn out. Today I'm going to breathe before I leave my office, and walk slower, each day I'll try and practice this.
Can't do it now
I was in bed trying to sleep so I couldn't do this while listening but will still try at another time because it seems quite relaxing although sometimes I randomly just start walking with no destination so I sort of did the mindful walk
Walking can be meditation
I already knew that but I never thought about each step. People was for physical health all the time but I like this idea of doing it for meditation.
Pay attention to my walking
I will practice this as walk my doggies. I usually multi task as I walk them. Planning the day and the chores ahead. Without truly being in the wonderful moment I am having to spend with my doggies and nature. Instead, I will pay attention to my footsteps and to the beauty of nature All around. Thank you.
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