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Mindful Tasting

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Karuna Priya
Meditation Teacher & Former Monk
Do you eat emotionally? Do you eat fast and hardly enjoy your meal? Mindful tasting will help you to feel fulfilled, notice more flavors, and lose weight.  Make sure you have something to taste with you while following this meditation, such as nuts, raisins, chocolates, or strawberries. 
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Breakfast meditation
I listened to this as I was eating breakfast and it helped me slow down and be more mindful about my food. Slowing down and being present as I eat is the big thing for me and this meditation help me do that.
Mindful Tasting
I learned that I don’t like the smell of cashews but can tolerate the taste and texture. Exploring the food with all of your senses deepens the experience and gives you an appreciation of it.
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