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Mindful Relationships

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Cindy Wolk-Weiss, BSW
Mindfulness Meditation Teacher & Healer
Healthy relationships need presence of our full selves. Join me as we explore how to deepen your relationship with others.
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30 reflections
Slowing Life down
I learned that you just need to take a few minutes and really converse with the people around you, it will make a profound m impact on not only you but also on them.
Matters of the heart
Don’t know where the walls came from but it’s time to tear them down bit by gentle bit. Time to let love seep in and usher it out into the world and into the hearts of those I care most for.
I realize I never do that with my husband, never ask him how was his day, think only about myself .
I learnt that I need to spend with him at least couple of minute a day to be closer
i learned that having healthy relationships is really important msmdndbjnbdxndbkzdbnffnnfnc
Embrace the in between
I have a better understanding of presence and that doing one thing at a time is important. Even today I decided from 10-1 i would deep clean my kitchen get done what i can in that time and i put on music and just did it. It feels good to just do.
i have my guard up all the time afraid of getting hurt again, but i’ve now realised i should start to bring them down and to let love come to me instead of turning away.
I close myself off from other people to feel more stable and secure. It makes me lonely but I don't know how to change
Real relationship that are worth the pain and suffrage!
I learned throughout this message that if both of the partners a welling to loose a little they will both gain a ton of love and respect from their partner, life is all about seeing the big picture in life. Throughout my life, I’ve went through a lot of heartbreaks and rejections by many people I thought I cared for and I really thought they care for who I really am and not about how much money they have! People should learn how to love someone for who they really are on the inside.
I learned to wait for the right man Learn to guard your heart for the right person to come. When you find someone or meet someone. Dont rush on it, observe them, listen to them, wait for them to open up. Its never in love. Just wait. Be honest
After becoming so comfortable in a relationship you can start to take someone for granted. I want to slow down and really connect with my boyfriend and appreciate the person he is and what we have together.
Practice simply observing without judgment , spend a minute gazing in his eyes, just observing
At lytte
Det er vigtigt at vise personerne omkring en at man går op i deres ve og vel
i need to stop testing people on how much they love me and start trusting. instead of judging on how they treat me, i should just notice the little things and help them in a way they can help me back.
People want to be heard
Listening to others rather than talking is important. I want to work on this. Really hearing what someone says is a way to show my interest. The idea that people sometimes think about what they plan to say next instead of really listening applies. I feel as if I can do both, but others may not perceive it that way.
Day 30
When I look in her eyes I am home. I feel the same from her too❤️
The girl I love the most, she doesn’t want anything serious, nothing more then a friendship, we are young adults, we both are 19 years old, but I already know that she is the girl I want to marry. Last weekend she tried to hookup with some other guy during night out and I stopped her from doing that. She blames me for that I just started to ignore her. I feel so miserable right now. :(
Day 63
Look into her eyes once a day. Fell your heartspace. Is it warm and open? Relaxed? Vulnerable? Or cold and guarded? I am seen by someone the way I really am. And I see her too.
Mindful Relationships
This exercise helped me rethink my relationships and focus on them.
Mindful relationships
I thought this exercise was good for relaxing the body and mind.
Mindful relationships
I learned that it’s important to really sit and admire the person we are with, and that we are in a relationship with. Everyday we should make a point to just look them in the eyes and admire them for a few minutes and just connect and talk, just listen to them. This goes with anyone in our lives, it’s important to truly listen to everyone and understand them. Show they you are actively listening to them. It shows you care and it makes them feel loved and appreciated, and that’s all any of us really want in life. This mediation really was an important one to me as me and my husband if almost 5 years haven’t been doing the best right now and I just don’t know what’s going to happen with us... anyway, this mediation really came at the right time and was definitely what I needed to hear and was an eye opener. It made me see things in a new light. It calmed me and relaxed me. I really enjoyed this mediation and I’m going to practice more mindful relationships and just be more aware of myself and what I’m doing to make sure I only allow mindful relationships for myself, so that I’m giving and receiving positive relationships all around me! Namaste 🙏🏼💕🧘🏼‍♀️
I thought I listened....
I often thought I listened to my partner.. bit listen without judging, or listening simply to reply, which means I stopped listening at some point to give thought to my answer.. my need to be heard, my need to be right. I won’t make this mistake again, my partner is the most beautiful, gentle and sensitive soul I’ve ever met in all my life, and from this day on I will listen to her intently.. no response, no judgement, no opinions.. just listen. To think we can all heal a little simply from being heard is a wonderful thing.. ❤️
Listening means fully understanding
You can’t really listen unless you understand what the person is going through.
This meditation was excellent! I couldn’t help thinking when Cindy said, “Look into each other’s eyes at least once a day” of the saying, “The eyes are the gate to a person’s soul.” This is true, friends. No matter what show the body puts on, if you look into someone’s eyes, truly look into their eyes, you can see whatever may be going on inside. Do you see sadness or fear? Do you see happiness, or good humor, or love? What do you want others to see in your eyes?
I learned that we get caught up in life and turn on one and other. I am going to willingly try to look into my husbands eyes and see the heart he has for me.
Listing is important
I learned that listing with pateint is very very important for a healthy relationship.
Heartbroken 😞
I felted that I was thinking we would be happy back together he just wanna be friends nothing more I still care about him was hoping he’ll come around. Maybe again someday I guess . Feeling sad.
Openness is love
We should all strive to be just a bit I more open with each other, because the more open we are with others, the more trust we will all show and reciprocate.
Heart Activation
When you want to deepen your relationships, you must first come to the heart and slow down almost to stillness. That is the full experience of interactions.
Not sure
I learned that I have to be more compassionate. My heart space is blocked. The universe is responding to me. I have to be more conscious of how other people feel and actually start listening and not being quick to respond. Holding space for them. But I have to start holding space for myself.
Walter J
To listen without judgement but with openness & compassion is the wise way to allow others to feel safe and share what is truly on their heart. Just listen and let them talk. They will think the world of you. We all know this, because that is what we want others to do while we talk. So be the first to do it. 👂🏼❤️🍀