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Mindful Movements - Standing

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Sandrine Cranswick
Mindfulness Teacher & Coach
Mindful movements involve focusing on the sensations in your body as it moves. Just as with meditation when the mind wanders away from feeling the body moving, we simply bring it back to being with the sensations of moving in the present moment. This helps with focusing, calming the mind, releasing tensions in the body, unifying body and mind. This can be done when we get up or during a break from the computer, or any other work. It can also be helpful before a seated meditation. This series is a mix of stretches and Qigong movements, in a standing posture.
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8 reflections
mindful movement
Soft voice guided exercise for a quiet afternoon sets you for acceptance
Hard to follow
This type of meditation is not for me. This was very difficult to follow and know what to do. Feeling very frustrated actually, not really the point of meditation hmmmm
Mindful Movements
These gentle movements were comforting to me and a wonderful reminder that my body needs gentle stretches throughout the day.🙏🏻
Morning Stretches
This meditation is a great way to wake your body up to slowly ease into the day. My body was feeling a little stiff this morning but after doing this short practice I can feel it loosening up. I will definitely be revisiting this one.
Good stretching movements
Stretching left me feeling more energized despite a short night due to insomnia
Gentle Mindful Movements
Sometimes when we wake up, our body can feel stiff. Even when we are sitting while working diligently on a task, our body can feel stiff over time. Therefore, performing gentle mindful movements are a way that we can loosen our muscles as well as take a time to feel the mind-body connection. In this short, but effective meditation, we learn some of these gentle mindful movements. Standing with my feet planted firmly on the ground, I began to visualize receiving life force energy from the Earth. Following the narrator’s directions, I began to perform some gentle mindful movements. Focusing on these gentle movements as well as my breath, I became relaxed, yet energized at the same time. I am now ready to get on with my day! I will be adding these gentle mindful movements to my morning routine to help ‘wake up’ my body. Thank you! Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
I feel grounded
I noticed that the gentle movements softly helped me become grounded from the chaos around me.
Moving gently
Guided movement with breathing was a nice change. Good combo. Life is good!