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Morning Mindfulness

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Anaïs Skoutariotis
NeuroMindfulness Coach
Immerse yourself in a transformative practice that combines mindfulness techniques and focused intention to cultivate clarity, resilience, and inner strength. Set the tone for a day filled with inspired action, mindful choices, and a deep sense of presence that will propel you toward your goals and dreams.
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6 reflections
I make my day
I need to go into the day thinking it will be good. I can change and get better
Hanging on
I personally feel a lot of pressure from so many sides. I am happy for everything I have but life is never as simple as it seems
I leaned that there is a difference in where you feel your breathing the most based on if you are currently in a fight or flight response or if you are relaxed and this breathing technique actually calmed me. It was so amazing
Morning mindfulness
I loved this meditation this morning. The different breathing techniques were nice to try and really relaxed me. I'm ready to begin my day with positive feelings.
Mindfulness Monday, November 6th
I feel good about where I am this morning. I have a lot to do. I love my job. I appreciate the flexibility that I have being blessed to work from home. I wish Annette and I could connect on a deeper level. I want to help her with the issues she is having. I just wish she would talk with me. She is so talented and I am so proud of her for finding some joy in work. My hope and prayer is that she will find some joy with me. Right now I feel as though she is faking her way through our relationship. I need affection. I need to a partner. I want to love fully my wife. I am not sure if Annette and I are congruent with these needs. I must be patiently persistent.
Lots of content
This one has it all-a new energizing breath exercise, gratitude, intention, and a positive wrap up.
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