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Mindful Labelling Practice

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Jiva Masheder
Mindfulness & Self-Compassion Teacher
Often by labeling our experience as it comes and goes, it can help us to get some perspective on it and not be swept away by thoughts and emotions.
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11 reflections
I felt a little bit accomplished because I completed a helpful meditation. It lowere my anxiety.
Completing a task eased my anxiety. The meditation itself was helpful but the completion of a task that focuses on my health goes a long way to easing anxiety.
Mindful labeling
This was very helpful. Using just a one word label helped me to get right back on track with breathing. Thank you.
GAH! Itchy!
I had to label the sensation in my right ear as “itchy” during this practice! I couldn’t hardly stand the wait for the session to be through so I could yank the ear pod out and satisfy the itch with a swab!😳
I noticed my mind racing and not feeling calm because I’m hurrying to fix or justify or address issue where I experience rejection or like there is a sense of urgency to save or rescue the love or my opportunity to reconnect w someone. My heart is a hurry
I’ve meditated using labels before and I find it very helpful. The more I do it, the more it’s one of my favorite things to do while meditating. It’s becoming easier to stay relaxed and noncommittal to whatever tries stirring up in my head.
I found the labeling very helpful!!
I felt that after I labeled the sounds and stressors around me as “noise” I felt 10x better!! I felt calm, relaxed, and in control. Hope it helped you too! 😊
I never thought that labeling could make such an impact! It really helped me to tame my thoughts. Thank you for the great practice!
Naming a thought
I learnt that by naming my thought in the present time, takes away the rush of millions of thoughts that come to me at the same time. This is freeing my mind creating space. Wow, Thanks.
Mindful labelling practice
I’ve tried labelling distractions before during meditation, but I’ve never had as much success with it as I did just now! I anchored myself in my breath, and when my mind wandered, as it always does, I gave the thought a label and gently returned to my breath. I used short nonjudgmental labels, such as sound, feeling, and friend. The second I used a label, my mind released that thing, and relaxed even more into my breath, every single time. I progressively released and relaxed more and more. I feel cleansed and renewed now and it’s beautiful. Namaste. Thank you.
Morning observations
I learned that each day requires a different level of gentleness for myself. Some days, I need to hold my own hand. Other days, I need to pick myself up. On good days, a smile at myself in the mirror is enough to make me feel sparks in my heart space. On bad days, it seems like the only thing that helps is giving myself space. This reminds me of water that caresses over rocks, barely touching it but leaving its subtle imprint. This is the same water that crashes over boulders, the same water that is stagnant in forests. Each day, I aspire to be water
Relax and Enjoy
I learned to relax and to enjoy everything around me .To feel good peaceful and happy with every moments of the day
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