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Mindful Eating: Breathe to Slow Down First

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Cass Carlopio
Sleep Expert, Psychologist & Meditation
This Mindful Eating meditation invites the listener to slow down before a meal by focusing on the breath.  Slowing down before we eat is important - it allows us to be present and enjoy the meal, it allows the body to shift into a more relaxed state, so our digestions functions optimally.  The breath is a powerful tool to slow down, calm down and get present before a meal.
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In this meditation, there's a subtle but strong emphasis that the activities in our daily lives can impact our system -one of them being the digestive system. It's been taught to breathe in for an extended period above our normal inhalation, and to slowly release it... we need to clear our minds in order to fully enjoy the present and be grateful... starting with a hot & delicious meal. So, enjoy.
To eat is to appreciate the world around and the peace that precedes a meal.
Mindful Eating
This exercise is a good way to teach and learn how to take life at a slower pace. We as humans are constantly on the go and don’t always have time to take a moment to take in what life has to offer. Life is full of wonderful things and we don’t see that
Mindful Eating
This reminds me of a practice in my home when I was growing up. We would pause before every meal and give thanks for everything the meal represented for us
Good calming
If one can remember to do this when we eat, it a nice short calming practice