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Mindful Cup of Tea

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Cindy Wolk-Weiss, BSW
Mindfulness Meditation Teacher & Healer
Add informal moments of mindfulness into the day through simple activities like brewing and enjoying a cup of tea. Mindfulness is paying attention to the senses, in the body—feeling, tasting, touching, seeing, and hearing. This practice helps you to tune into your body and the present moment. Enjoy!
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Tiny little parts
I used to think that making a cup of tea was just a mindless act. Fooled me! This meditation identified all the steps that it takes to really make and enjoy that tea. That’s true mindfulness. It also reminded me of so many things we do during our day, that if we just paid a little more attention, could be enjoyable instead of just being a task. I’ll definitely try to be more mindful of the mundane. 🙏
Funny how automatic we are
If I were asked how do I to make tea, my immediate answer would be boil water and add a tea bag. But as Patty pointed out, there are a lot of tiny parts that get overlooked. This meditation came at the prefect time because I slowly allowing myself to into automatic. This is a great meditation and a great reminder without clear focus, we can miss the details.
Not thinking
We do certain things without thinking. Rushed. Everyday things could become a meditation session. Keep aware.
My own tea without the jarring email comment
I’ve been holding my own mind full practice with tea for years. With calm deliberate actions and a single minded focus, I prepare the kettle, filling with fresh clean water, I set the water to heat, i take out the cup and spoon. Placing both at the table. I take my honey and cream if that is to be added. it is now time to select my tea. I open the tea and inhale with eyes closed bringing to mind recent happy experiences and reminiscing others awakened by the smell of the tea. There is the sound of the water as it is simmering soon to boil and as it does I pour some into the cup removing the chill, allowing the pot to whistle softly. Heat turned off. This water is drained aside and the tea is placed in cup. Fresh Hot water now slowly poured over the tea. Kettle back on stove. Observe as the tea floats. Steam swirls and dances on the surface. The air is filled with the steeping tea. The water and tea mingle. Darkening as each shares and brings new life to the other....
Matcha better 🍵
I need to go back to drinking tea the way I used to, I had it right all along but, I never really thought as deeply about the process of making tea as I did this morning. I have recently started transferring my microwaved hot water into a plastic cup with a plastic lid because, I like taking it back to bed with me and going online and or reading. I kept spilling the hot tea on my comforter and sheets and staining them and that’s why I switched to the plastic sippy cup. I’m going back to my big ceramic Peet’s cup and boiling water on my stove top, I’m just not going to fill it so full. As for the art of making Matcha 🍵 Tea, it’s something I’ve always embraced. Listening to mindful cup of tea has brought the experience to a higher level of enjoyment. Hope you all enjoyed your cup of joy this morning!❣️
It is tough to be aware of everything you are doing - what you are listening to, what you are touching, what you are thinking about, etc. - but it is definitely worth it to calm yourself. Being aware of everything slows you down and makes you wonder about things you wouldn’t have thought about otherwise. Your stress goes away, your anger goes away, and your chaos goes away - all that’s left are the good things.
I just did this, drinking hot water with coconut water, and it was so Yummy. Can you please do this (& if you want to drink tea, all the good thoughts come your way? ☕️🐝☕️
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