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Mindful Awareness for Calming Anxiety

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Cindy Wolk-Weiss, BSW
Mindfulness Meditation Teacher & Healer
At times we worry and obsess over thoughts that loop over and over again within our minds. It becomes difficult to sleep to feel calm and centered. A way to work with this is mindful breathing. When you practice mindful breathing your mind can pause and take a mini vacation. When we slow down the thoughts we increase the quality of our being. It’s not about stopping thoughts but bringing awareness to thoughts and choose to obsess or be in the present moment.
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Anxiety is nonetheless my issue anymore
I learned that breathing freely while being aware of it. Is so powerful to the point of no return. as in the birth of the universe with the Big Bang. But again how do we know it's a Big Bang. We were not there. What if it was a logarithmic function of one point becoming a line. Then becoming a square. Then becoming a cube.... so on and so forth until we have what we see today by the images of the Hubble that are being sent to us by the spacecraft telescope.
mindfulness awareness for anxiety
!!!!Pure Excellence!!!! Highly recommended.A daily reminder for me.
Calming Anxiety
I am so glad to have come across this meditation. My thoughts have been racing all day long and this meditation has really calmed them down. Hearing the chimes put my body and mind to ease. Anytime I begin to get anxious with racing thoughts, I need to remember to focus on the breath. The breath is an anchor to the present moment and this moment is all I have. Thank you Dorthy! ❤️🙏🏻
Heart space
Peaceful, soothing exercise that helps soothe me when I’m feeling anxious and overwhelmed by issues I can’t control. Very soothing and warm ...
Very calming
I learned that by being busy in the present we can stop being overloaded with busy thoughts and calm down.
The meditation was so soothing that I almost fell asleep at the end
Mindful awareness of anxiety. Great meditation. Winding down after a trying day. Life is always unpredictable.
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