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Mindful at Work

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Cindy Wolk-Weiss, BSW
Mindfulness Meditation Teacher & Healer
Being mindful at work increases your ability to focus, concentrate and improves your creativity. A way to begin is to listen to this meditation as you begin your day and several times throughout the day. Allow yourself to enjoy these moments. Whenever you feel overwhelmed check in with this meditation and regroup. It will act as a mini-vacation. May this day be filled with ease.
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7 reflections
Work meditation
I was conflicted during the meditation. Felt guilty for meditating instead of working at that moment. It was a good challenge due to all the background noises and distractions. I will definitely repeat this one in the future.
I hope I can find time to practice this at work.
I enjoyed this. It was calming and a useful session to use while at work.
Work Break
Oftentimes at work we become so focused on what we are doing, we forget to check in with ourselves. While we are at work we can set a timer on our phone, to remind ourselves to check in with ourself by focusing our attention on our breath. We can use that reminder to also listen to this meditation as many times throughout the day as we need to be able to come back home to ourselves. This will help keep us grounded throughout the day, inspire creativity, clarity, and release any tension from our body.
Work Break
What a nice way to stop the stressors of your day and take a break.
Work Break
I noticed that taking breaks regularly through the day helps me to do my job better.
Remembering to be mindful
Need to take a breather every 20 minutes and to go into myself
Mindfulness at work
I learned that I should take breaks to ensure I am breathing properly and relaxing my body and correcting my posture
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