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Mind Stories

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Tanya Edmonds
Mindfulness & Wellbeing Coach
Learning to notice the content of our thoughts so that we can become more aware of the stories we tell ourselves about life and others, that aren't necessarily true and the "predictive conversations" we fabricate. Paying attention to what's true and what's just thought generated can help eliminate needless suffering.
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To try not to make up conversations and recognise that they are just daydream
Remember they are just thoughts and daydreams and try to replace with more positive thinking.
Mind stories
I learned that in my mind my thoughts are sometimes not real. But negative. Thinking of scenarios regarding various situations. And that in turn can have an effect on my overall mood! I had this happen a few days ago. I was irritated. Grumpy. Not centered. Not in a good place. After listening to this, I realize now it was because of my mind stories! Scenarios, what ifs, all that. I'm not in touch with the person anymore. So, what a waste of time and energy! Energy that could be out to better use in a positive manner. Thank you!