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Mia (ASMR Crackles & Beat)

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David Hughes
Relaxation & Sleep Music Composer
More experimental ASMR music with percussive elements in the shape of sticks, utensils, and crackles. There is a simple but rich piano refrain, which initially blends and grows with the ASMR, until the ASMR subsides, leaving the piano and background instruments to bring the piece to a calming end. It was a calming experience writing this music, and I hope you find some peace and relaxation here too.
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4 reflections
Peacefully Grounded
I really enjoyed starting my day listening to the peaceful music and sounds while focusing on my breath. Excellent session to connect with the stillness from within. Another benefit I received from this session is it brought my back pain down to an ignorable level. I am very grateful for that. May my day continue to flow with peaceful positive grounding energy. Namaste!
Very nice !
I am downloading it for my next long trip. This music will make the scenery better.
I have learned that a tense my shoulders 24/7. Making a conscious effort to take 10 minutes to meditate and go breathe makes a huge difference.
Feeling great today
I found that the ASMR BINAURAL is my Jam. It’s the goosebumps for me.