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Melting Inside as One

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Irene Zwaan
Hypnotherapist & Energy Healer
Connect with your true self inside. What do you need? Change it inside now.
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Melting inside as one
Connecting with you self deep inside. What do you need to make a connection again?
I love this woman
I feel positively golden, because that little girl had a huge smile and was perfectly content in her here and then, lol. Learning that there is a happiness center located in the middle of our chest, a green, 4th chakra full of love 💚 has given me a full tank for the morning! Thank you Irene. I love the way your calm voice speaks in my ear. Thank you!!
Profound Experience
Wow! This is one of the most profound meditations I have ever heard on Aura! In this meditation, Irene has a powerful way of grabbing our attention and having us visualize seeing ourselves as a child standing in front of us and giving everything that we were lacking as children, may it be self esteem, happiness, love, etc. As the little me stood in front of me, I could sense sadness, a lack of self esteem and a yearning for acceptance in her dull blue eyes. I felt like giving this child a great big hug and letting her know that she was, and always has been, enough. I visualized a golden ball, putting in happiness, self esteem and acceptance into it and placed the ball into the chest of the little me. All of the sudden, the little me began to glow with light! Her blue eyes lit up so brightly as her lips began to form a smile! This golden light began getting brighter and brighter, expanding all around her, as her smile began to get bigger. As the space around her illuminated, I could see ropes attached to others in the distance around her feet. Ropes of anxiety. Ropes of depression. I grabbed some scissors and cut those ropes off her feet. I knew she now felt happiness. I knew she now felt self esteem. I knew she now felt acceptance. And, I knew for the first time in her young life, she felt free. I grabbed the hands of this glowing free spirit standing in front of me and invited her to come inside my body. As we melted into one, this glowing golden light began to spread throughout my body, feeding every inch of me with these wonderful feelings! Wow! Thank you, Irene for such a profound experience! Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
What a beautiful meditation. I was able to offer my inner child love and safety.
Inner child
Confidence is everything, inner child was unhappy because of that
Walter J
Fabulous experience with Irene’s help on this one... I saw this little scrawny boy that looked fragile, frightened & fearful staring up at me. I do wanted to give him a hug or something and the next thing I knew I had this big translucent, glowing green ball of courage in my hands. It looked like a huge marble with it’s swirling colors of greens & whites. His eyes grew so big as I offered it to him and he put out his arms to receive it but it went right past his hands & straight into his chest which instantaneously grew big enough to receive it. He smiled for a moment, beams of green light shining out of his eyes, until he looked down at his feet. His brightness started to fade as he gazed upon these ropes of his childhood conditioning wrapped about his ankles. I found a hatchet & quickly severed the ropes that had been holding him back. He leaped for joy at me and as I went to catch him in my arms, he went right past my hands & straight into my chest. I felt my heart chakra open up to receive this sudden burst of courage energy as it was exactly what I needed!! Thank you Aura & Irene (you are a great leader of freeing souls) for helping find my missing courage to take on my next challenges!! I feel utterly fantastic!! Namaste🙏🏼 Th 💚💪🏼🍀
Irene Connected Me
Irene you are my go to person when I need to be centered. Sometimes I don’t even know why. This piece connected me with 10 year old me who needed a fuchsia neon bright ball filled with self esteem, love for her body, and lots of encouragement that she can do anything she wants and be happy doing it. Thank you Irene ❤️🙏🏼❤️🙏🏼
I didn’t know I needed this but it was so healing and so moving. Beautiful moment to connect with your younger self.
I thought I didn't like this meditation
But I felt so deeply sad when I saw my little self. I need to see myself to understand something I already know but I couldn't imagine. Now I know what happened. I will love this little girl
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