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Melt the Day Away

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Cass Carlopio
Sleep Expert, Psychologist & Meditation
This guided meditation invites the listener to let go of the day and prepare the body and mind for a deep sleep.
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Incredibly relaxing
This is one of the most relaxing bedtime meditations I’ve found on Aura. I’ve used it several times and felt wonderful and reward for bed afterwards.
Relaxing Exercise for Anyone
Me and my partner found this so helpful to melt into bed and release any stress from our bodies and individual days. He doesn’t regularly practice mindfulness but found this an easy way to wind down and relax from today and ease worries about tomorrow. Speaks to this a very helpful meditation.
Melt the Day Away
An incredible meditation to listen to before you go to bed. Visualize any tension that accumulated throughout the day melting down to the ground. Afterwards, you feel calm and relaxed to close your eyes and drift off into a deep sleep.
July 26- Night
I was getting in the habit of meditating twice daily along with yoga, but got super busy and forgot to take the time out to center myself. This was a great return to this habit. I was feeling particularly good this evening, and this sent me into euphoria, a pit if ultimate relaxation, allowing myself to be aware and joyous of every particle of my being and how it flowed- the sweat from dancing, the dust, the dirt, the hair, the goosebumps. I was so aware of my body, so in love with it.
Gets better with use
I’ve utilized this meditation several times now and I feel it actually helps more with practice. Wonderful way to relax in the evening, thank you.
c a r p e d i e m
carpe diem.seize the day kids.make your lives extraordinary.
Crappy life - happy me
I learned that life is really what you make it. Fall in love with your life and do not take anything for granted. Always find something to look forward to for the day ahead of you...
Melt the day away.
This was a relaxing way to end my day. Very soothing. Thank you :)
Walter J
Incredibly releasing & relaxing session. I felt my forehead start to soften then melt and drip down to the floor. Then my shoulders release all tension of the day and they melted down to the floor almost pulling me over. I jerked awake/aware long enough to feel the rest of my body melting down to the floor ... but now it was actually now the ground and I was laying on it looking at the world from a an ants perspective. Interesting, but very big, which made me a little nervous at first. But then I remembered ‘all is one’ and I was fine... just a melted down version of me without any stress! ♥️🙏🍀
Let go
Before going to sleep or continuing with your daily routine, let go of any worries or anxieties. It can be complicated to do so, but not difficult. Try to transport into your happy place, and change any negative thoughts you may have regarding the day. Let the day melt away and let go.
Melt Away
I enjoyed melting away tension from all areas of the body. I started to feel really emotional during this process as I have something going on that this sorta triggered. It was nice to let go.
I learned of different places I can hold stress and how to be more aware of those points
I had a long day. I felt sad and tired.
I learned that good things do work out at the end. God is working for my good. Thanks be to God
Melt the day away
I felt myself really relaxing during this time, it felt like the stress was moving down and out through my toes, Very relaxing, thank you.
jess 🧡
this meditation allowed me to relax each and every part of my body, melting all the stress that has accumulated throughout the day. i feel good :)
jess 🧡
focusing on each body part melting away honestly helped me to feel calmer after a very stressed day. hope 2022 is much better than this one awful day
Preparing to sleep
This was a great meditation to release the day and it’s worries so I could focus on sleep
Melt the Day Away
I know this will be a go to after a stressful day. Today was stressful & I know tomorrow will be. Despite the impending bad day, this still helped me to relax substantially. Can’t wait to use this tomorrow when I’m not dreading the day that will follow.
I learned that if you meditate it helps kill all the things that stress you out
I learned that if you meditate it helps kill all the things that stress you out through out the days and I think the most important thing is to not be bothered by stress because god’s with us and all that we done and I pray through my days lunch breakfast and dinner and relax and chill out and just breathe and sleep and feel like meditation is with you I feel like god’s really with me and all the things that I do that is why I love meditations
Melt the day away
I could feel myself in tune with this. Just melting away the day from my mind and body. Sooooo good.