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Meeting Your Spirit Animal

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Dr. Toni
Doctor of Physical Therapy, Licensed Massage Therapist & Energy Practitioner
*Shamanic Journey* In many cultures and spiritual practices, animal spirits serve an important role in delivering messages, giving protection to the subtle energy bodies, and lending their wisdom and power when needed. In today's guided journey, I will lead you to your sacred space to make contact with your animal guides.
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I think I was asleep before I met my spirit animal but I dreamt of pandas so I am going with Pandas! Not very fierce but super lovable!
The Wolf In The Woods
The wolf came from the stillness of the giant redwoods. The sounds of trickling water in the background. She sat directly in front of me, her icy blue eyes, warm with love. She smiled as she continued to look lovingly at me. She turned and went to the edge of the clearing, picked up something and walked back to me. She gifted me a fish from the water. Fear only has the power I choose to give it.
Mother black bear
Protect my children as she protects her cubs and that is my strength in life.
Eagle & Donkey
I actually saw both of these. But the eagle was just sitting besides me, while i made contact with the donkey, who reminded me of who stubborn and strong i can be. Amazing experience
She came into my circle of light and sat across from me. She purred and winked. The cougar then walked toward me and sat next to me I felt her fur against me I felt safe and warm and strong.