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Meeting your Root Chakra Guardian

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Dr. Toni
Physical Therapist, Energy Practitioner
*Guided Shamanic Journey* The chakra guardian is an important ally in caring for, healing, and protecting your chakra. In today's journey, you will meet with your chakra guardian and begin to form a relationship with this member of your divine council. Be sure to keep a journal close to record any details.
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2 reflections
Root Chakra Guardian 1 8/21/23
First meeting in a long time with my Guardian, Thumbaka (Thump Back). He is a warrior in desert native warrior clothing with a coyote head and pelt along his shoulder. He let me know I needed to rest in my own beat and showed me a cool iron chair. Almost a throne, yet not intimidating. Cool, simple, and not trying to be anything it wasn’t. It is just an excellent iron chair. I need to do the same and sit in it. I asked why my inner root chakra Crystal was cracked, and my guardian told me it was because I had tended to survive for so long, I need to release and let it heal and form it’s own smoothness. I felt a lot. Excited for tomorrow. Ps. I also re-realizes that I’ve been running my life based off of my Yellow and Blue Chakras. My will and thoughts. Time to power those down a few notches and turn the other chakras up a few notches instead. Yes, even orange and purple.
I feel grounded in my own strength ❤️ I was greeted by a lioness 🦁 I will move forward with strength and courage ❤️
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