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Meeting Your Brow Chakra Guardian

12 Min
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Dr. Toni
Physical Therapist, Energy Practitioner
The brow chakra gives insight and clarity. In this guided journey you will meet with your chakra guardian, the gatekeeper of this chakra and its energy. Connecting with this member of your Divine council will bring you a deeper understanding of your brow chakra. Chakra guardians can appear as an animal or person.
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2 reflections
It was an adult-like child. A version of my child self, dressed like a warrior. Accompanied by another - my guardian had its own guardian. The crystal had an intricate metal cage around it. They told me to remember my dreams. If I can do that, the metal cage will fall.
This guardian has been with me for a while. I knew she was there as soon as I stepped into the space. I could see light from the stone, from a distance. It was like I was at the roof, looking down, but when I stepped into this space, I could only see knee high and down. I could see her purple robe and feet.
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