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Meditative Gaze

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Christina & Darrin
Love Coach & Therapist
There is so much happening all around us, yet we rarely take it all in. In this meditation, you'll focus on the sights, sounds, and physical sensations in your present moment, and learn how to notice them without judgment or resistance. This neutral gaze is a wonderful antidote to the stress and anxiety of everyday life.
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Amazing practice!
This was one of the best meditations I’ve done so far because it really made me aware of my surroundings. I saw and heard things I never realized but was always exposed to. It really made me feel like there is a whole new world waiting for me to explore out there. I highly recommend others try this, it’ll change your outlook. Thanks for the mediation Christina!
A sensitive gentle meditation,wonderful and simple. I will revisit.
Welcome to my world
This was truly a profound experience for me as I learned to welcome into my experience, rather than resist or judge, the sights, sounds and sensations I am experiencing. I really needed to hear this, as I realized how annoyed I was letting myself get by all three of these gateways of experience. There were things happening at each of these levels - sounds, sights and touch sensations that were subconsciously causing me grief. Not anymore! Thanks!
Meditative gaze
I love this meditation. I love that it helps you to “ see the world for the first time” it’s so refreshing and I will use this one many times ❤️
Neutral Gaze
This meditation from C + D is very calming, yet awakening! I kept a neutral gaze at the sights, sounds and physical sensations that were in my surroundings, without labeling or judgement. By keeping a neutral gaze, I had a heightened awareness of my surroundings. I learned to just let things be the way they are in the present moment. In doing so, I found a wonderful sense of peace. Namaste! 🙏🏻❤️😊
I felt relaxed and calm. I felt no worries or stress on me.
You should always give yourself a break to relax. I learned that relaxation is a gift to self and not to judge the things around us but to take in the beauty of your surroundings.
To be in the moment without judgement
Today I will focus on myself, my surroundings
We block out so many things every day. Today I will try to be more aware of my environment.
Meditative Gaze
Today I was reminded to sharpen my awareness of everything around me, to experience each moment with purpose. The challenge here, though, is to look at things around me with neutrality. This takes practice and discipline.
Sad day , my dog is in hospitals and I’ve not heard how he is today. I feel if he was better they would call me with good news but I will call at 9 am myself but I dread hearing he’s just the same.
It is necessary for me to enjoy what I have every moment because it can quickly be taken away.
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