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Meditations Bells [Up to 40mins]

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William James Davies, DCMT
Psychotherapist & Mindfulness Teacher
For experienced meditators: following a brief introduction, this recording has bells sounding at ten-minute intervals, creating for meditation spaces and ending with three bells in succession. You can use this to guide yourself through a four-stage meditation on the Breath, Whole Body, Sounds then Thoughts, or simply use it to time any self-guided meditation practices of 10, 20, 30, or 40 minutes. Photo by Rob King on Unsplash
From the community
4 reflections
I re-learned that I have a love for bells, and for following and focusing on a tone right to the end. Disconnected thoughts jostle like radio waves but Meditation sessions like this (longer) one can and do quieten and lead to peace. I’ll be saving this one. Many thanks
Walter J
Visualizing ...
My first attempt at a long meditation and it went very well I thought. I had a theme in mind going into it of my continued garage clean up and what still needed done. It helped me get some order of what to do next and I could actually see it all being done and being ready to construct a new garage. I only got thru 20 min so far. I am going to use the next 20 min to see my new garage take form. The backstory - I had a huge, 6 room, two story garage that was struck by lightening in May, caught fire and completely burned everything in it but only about 1/2 of the structure. So I have been working almost 3 months cleaning it up after work and on weekends. My #1 son has been up several weekends to help carry large stuff to dumpsters, tear down walls and roof & carry all the wood to the fire pits for these 2 day long bonfires we enjoy & use to limit how many dumpsters it will take to get rid of all the “stuff”. Finishing filling 2nd dumpster today and we will be done with roof shingles and all internal contents. Then 1 dumpster next weekend for just all the scrap metal I have collected. It has been an interesting experience and will prove to be the best thing to happen for my long term good. Many positives have come from it already and more to come!! (I do practice what I Speach!!) More to come... ❤️☮️🍀
I found my breathing to be deeper, and my thoughts more clear. I chanted as I used this and it really helped me find peace.
I like that this can be adapted to different meditation practices and can be combined with, or enhanced by, other instruction by this instructor.
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