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Meditation to Work with Anger

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Cass Carlopio
Sleep Expert, Psychologist & Meditation
This guided meditation invites the listener to work with the emotion of anger. However, if you don't feel anger, you can use any uncomfortable emotion. This is a practice of being with the emotion as a sensation and observing it, without getting involved or trying to change it. That way, the emotion can share with us what it has to communicate and then move on.
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Tania Pagan-Rosario
I’m angry. And when I try to look at it and focus on where it is, it shifts and hides.
I might need to sit and try to look at my anger when I feel this way. Try to see it, feel where it is, and figure out why it’s there. See if it shifts again.
Anger and shame
I learned to identify the physical signals of my anger. And what felt more important to me, that behind this anger these was a huge feeling of shame. Thank you Cass, I had tried several meditations on anger, but none of them had worked. 🙏🙏