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Meditation To Witness The Present Moment

5 Min
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Dorothy Zennuriye Juno
Psychotherapist & Meditation Teacher
Experience the beauty of your breath in the present moment. Learn how to bring your awareness back to your breath each time your attention moves away from 'this' moment. This is a perfect meditation in which to practice 'present moment awareness and to be witness to what you notice without judgment. Namaste everyone! Dorothy
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Focusing on Now
My mind has a tendency to wander. There's a fidgetiness to me that pervades my body and mind. It's hard to relax. Taking a moment to focus on the present moment, what is happening right now, and nothing else, is very calming. I'm finding it important to let go of the extemporaneous feelings and worries sometimes and just focus on how I'm feeling at the moment, and correcting anything I don't like.
Joe E.
Being in the moment
Getting the max energy from the solar eclipse with a quick meditation.
Marijuana and Meditation.
I found this session, after consuming a small amount of marijuana was more challenging to fall into then when not smoking. When i did though, it was intensely rewarding, and actually quite euphoric. I wonder if challenging myself to meditate after using small amounts will make my nonsmoking sessions easier to dive into for longer periods of time.
Sense the start of my nervous breakdown I have been looking for an app to help me calm down. Well even before that. This one is only 1 I have found that doesn't sound condescending. I love the voices and the music and I see a difference already.
This lesson can teach everyone to be more attentive in their everyday lives
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