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Meditation To Eat Light And Lose Weight

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Dorothy Zennuriye Juno
Psychotherapist & Meditation Teacher
Practice the deliberate ways in which you can feel grounded by connecting with the earth, and releasing what thoughts, feelings, and cravings you no longer need. Experience a state of inner calm and peace from which you can make 'right' and healthy choices - mindfully. Being deliberate and mindful of your breathing helps you to feel the beautiful effects of being nourished and sustained - without food. It also helps you to be present with how you feel and what you may be using food for ~ when you are not experiencing true hunger. It's helpful if you can use this meditation on occasions when you are not feeling the urge to eat - so that you can explore feeling comfort and relaxation using your breath - deliberately. xo Dorothy
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Shame is different from guilt
Becoming overly responsible was a way to avoid shame. If I made decisions as others expected, it meant I got praise. Which increased my low self-esteem & self-worth temporarily. Since I was make decisions based upon the values of others I didn't understand guilt. Guilt is regret over the decisions I make. No one can make you feel guilty besides yourself.
Over eating
I learnt that I eat unhealthy food because I am unhappy and feel responsible for everything and everyone. This is a helpful mindfulness meditation
Eating Light and Losing Weight
I learned that this meditation with continued use, will allow me to feel grounded and centered especially in moments when I am emotional and seek food as my comfort.
Soothing voice with the right words for giving me a connection with the environment and i feel great now :D
think her voice was extremely good for my ears as well that she picked the right words for me to become more aware of my environment and it makes me more aware of the positive vibes in me