12 min

Meditation For When We Are Sick

12 Min
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Hilary Lafone, NBC-HWC
Board Certified Health Coach
Allow yourself a few minutes of comfort as we focus on our breath to help us manage illness. In this meditation, we use self-compassion and breathwork to manage uncomfortable sensations. We also focus on areas in the body that are well to help remind ourselves of the body's amazing capacity to heal. Take 10 minutes of self-care to help alleviate suffering or to get some rest. Please remember that this is not medical advice and you should always consult your doctor when you are not well.
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3 reflections
Focus on something else than feeling sick
I learned to change focus from feeling sick and relax in my body in the moment
The hypnotist makes you relax, comforts you and reassures you that you will feel better.
Superb immersive journey and message
I am deeply grateful for this session. It helped me navigate the harsh landscape of COVID with far more ease … thank you!!!
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