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Meditation for Pain Relief and Healing

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Dorothy Zennuriye Juno
Psychotherapist & Meditation Teacher
In this meditation, experience how to alleviate pain and promote healing, comfort, and relief. We use breath, directing it into the area of our body that needs to feel relief or be healed. Important is to allow for deeper breaths than what you typically experience, and feel the oxygenated air circulate your body. From here we become mindful of what we are bringing into our body to support its healing and relief using our intuitive voice (our inner wisdom). Please use this meditation often to provide relief from all pain symptoms and overall healing. xo Dorothy
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When pain meds don’t touch it, this 14 minute practice helped tremendously!
Due to an autoimmune illness, my pain levels have a tendency to be severe. Today, pain had me bed ridden. Pain meds and muscle relaxers don’t touch it, but this meditation guided me to focus my breath on the area of my pain and release it. I am peaceful and more comfortable than I have been all day. I am so grateful for this experience! A new favorite in my collection. If you have chronic pain, try this exercise! Sending healing wishes and gentle hugs to my fellow chronic pain warriors...Namaste 🌸!
Good but explanations are a little lengthy. Was somewhat distracting.
Was actually searching for a meditation on emotional pain instead of physical. But did more thoroughly learn about Focusing your breathing into an area of physical pain has the ability to decrease pain sensation and call the body in a general sense.
Pay attention to your body and listen to your address and pains they are your children, they need it
Pay attention to your body and listen to your address and pains they are your children, they need it. The more you live the more you integrate
Pain needs u
If you are hiring and you have pain then pay attention to it and acknowledge it cause that's what it yearns for cause it is your inner scared child that needs you and your love and attention.
Pain and the Breath
I am seldom completely pain free. This exercise was one of a handful that I’ve practiced for pain. What was distinctive to me was using the breath to focus on a single area. Also the idea of taking away judgement toward your own pain is extremely important. There is so much stigma about illness and chronic pain. I’m so glad that this reminder was included. Thank you.
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