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Meditation for Joy & Laughter

6 Min
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Jordana Reim
Experience life with a bit more ahh, so
This meditation is both active (we laugh together) and passive. We use the vibrations of laughter to bring a sense of stillness, joy, and good fortune to ourselves. This meditation is suitable for beginners or advanced practitioners. We begin with a few notes on the benefits followed by a practice of laughter (less than a minute) and closing; affirming the practice of basking in your good energy.
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2 reflections
Laughter Meditation
I enjoyed this meditation, even though it did seem weird at first. But I managed to laugh a lot more easily than I thought I would. Thanks 🙏🏻 for something different and for making the day start off on a happy note 😆
Thank G_D I listened to this
I am up early for me (I write this @5:44, but I’ve been up since @2! I know!), but this laughter with meditation is a new thing for me. I did it (no small task for a woman who doesn’t talk) but while I was going it, I waved my legs about in an almost-Yoga from. Thanks for this!
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