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Meditation for Inner Peace (Full Version)

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Dorothy Zennuriye Juno
Psychotherapist & Meditation Teacher
Witness the moments of peace - in the spaces (the pauses) - in between breaths. This is such a simple yet beautiful reminder of how our breathing is intuitive and offers us the comfort of much relaxation and calm - if we allow it. Meant to be experienced and enjoyed.... xo namaste!!
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Noticing the Pause
When we notice the pause in between our inhale and exhale, this will initiate a calming response throughout our body. In this session, you will be using a breathing technique called Diaphragmatic breathing. Diaphragmatic breathing is when you inhale through your nose while pushing your stomach out. It is a little awkward at first. However, this is a wonderful breathing technique to use in stressful times to calm ourselves. Placing one hand over my heart breathing into my heart’s center, I feel my heart beating steadily against my hand with the slow rise and fall of my chest. I take a deep inhale in...pausing at the top...before slowly exhaling...letting all the air out of my lungs. Within a couple of times of breathing this way, I feel a peaceful calm feeling wash over me. I feel centered. Great session to ease into my day. May you find a few moments in your day to find peace from within.🙏
Marques Pizarro
The little moments
When I felt a pause, the shift from inhalation to exhalation, my mind became more tuned to my body, my mind, my spirit. How beautiful it is to notice small things such as a pause in your breathing; it calms my mind. Great exercise to start a good, working day.
Inner peace
Inner peace and tranquility with my hand on my heart and some deep breathing
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