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Meditation for Inner Peace

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Dorothy Ratusny
Psychotherapist & Meditation Teacher
Witness the moments of peace - in the spaces (the pauses) - in between breaths. This is such a simple yet beautiful reminder of how our breathing is intuitive and offers us the comfort of much relaxation and calm - if we allow it. Meant to be experienced and enjoyed.... xo namaste!!
From the community
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The holidays are upon us. This year I have more time than money to give. Today I learned how I can help domestic violence survivors through the holiday experience. Then I had someone give a Santa gift for my daughter. Tears came to my eyes. I need the help of others to make it through Christmas. My heart overflowed with gratitude for the graciousness.
You have a sultry and seductive voice! So soft, at times, I relax and fall asleep. One day, I shall stay awake?! ❤️🤪
Inner Peace
Connecting with my heart’s center by placing one hand over my heart, focusing my attention on this area, I feel my heart beating against my hand. Feeling this aliveness, I am smiling. A feeling of gratitude washes over me. Following Dorothy’s instructions, I pause for a moment at the top of each inhale. Then slowly exhaling I pause at the end before taking my next breath. In this pause, is where we are able to find stillness. In this stillness, we are able to find peace from within. Beautiful session to ease into my day. I am feeling grateful to be alive to experience this new day. My mind, body, and spirit is feeling peaceful and grounded. May you find peace from within. Namaste.🙏
Full breath
I could feel my breath naturally deepening- felt great, and thank you! Namaste
Weight lifted
I learned exhaling everything from your lungs makes on feel lighter
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