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Meditation for Calm

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Karuna Priya
Meditation Teacher & Former Monk
Calm is something you can allow in yourself. In this meditation we will be practising a visualisation meditation centred around an oak tree, in order to tap into and learn how to access your innate inner calm.
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10 reflections
My oak tree
I felt that visualizing a place of calm helped me relax and focus on my breathing.
Oak Tree
I love his voice and find it very peaceful so this was a great meditation. I loved envisioning my oak tree and getting lost in it. I was focused on what he was saying, my tree really came to life. I am excited to visit it again.
Feel the emotion
I should feel my emotions in the present . I can be aware and remember what it feels like to be calm. I can return here fir sessions.
Oak Tree
I love the reference of sitting under an oak tree. It seems peaceful and calming. Makes me wish I had one to go sit under.
I noticed that my breathing was calm and my body was still. I did this as a morning meditation and it was a nice way to wake up ready for the day.
Meditation for calm
Calm and happiness are feelings. We have them inside ouselves but we must practice feeling them.
Visualizing being sat against a giant oak tree... looking up through its leaves to the sky... feeling the protectiveness of its branches and the coolness of its shade... a wonderful visual exercise to come back to for a few minutes during the day to get a few minutes before f calm. 🌳
Marques Pizarro
Nourishing my tree
I learned that we must listen to what our body needs. Like a tree, knowing it needs water, sunlight, and even wind, we must be aware of what our body needs: calmness, rest, or movement.
Rooted and Centered
When we let go of any judgments, our innate being of calm and happiness emerges naturally. It is in this letting go and allowing where we succumb to this peace within. Imagining myself sitting against a mighty oak tree, I felt its strength radiating outwardly and protecting me. As I sat on the earth, I imagined the amazing network of roots this mighty oak tree had with microbes in the soil. Visualizing this mutual relationship between them, I was reminded of my connection with this tree. It takes the carbon dioxide I breathe out and transforms it to oxygen for me to breathe in. What a beautiful relationship! Visualizing its enormous branches spiraling up to the sky reminded me of endless possibilities. Allowing this image of this mighty oak tree to vanish from my minds eye, I was left to sense into my inner world. Sensing an immense calm, I am home at my center. Sensing the earth below me, I am rooted in stability. Sensing the vast sky above, I am spacious. Rooted and centered, I am truly limitless like the mighty oak tree. Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
Learning which meditations I like
I learned that concrete visualisations with a focus on the natural world really help me to feel calm. This meditation centred on a visualisation of an oak tree and I found this wonderfully calming and centring. I am committing to meditation practice daily and find that being guided through it in this way helps me be grounded. My mind feels too scattered to do this on my own. I wonder why this is?
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