Checking in before eating
By far, this was the best all-around description of food and how my body seeks comfort through food and why. I love how this session gave gratitude to the parts of us that want to provide us with our best with the realization that food, in and of itself, is not the driving influence of my binges, but rather my mind’s attempt at trying to fill myself with food in various ways which reflect my emotional state. It is important that prior to eating, I become still, mindful, and present so that I may recognize my being in these moments and become consciously aware of my emotions so that I can provide nourishment for my body through kindness, self-love, and providing food for myself in a way that honors myself while learning to recognize the emotions that my food intake attempts, consciously or subconsciously, to block by the use of food. I learned that listening to this prior to every meal or snack, will enhance my awareness and allow me to remain present while deciding what I will eat and how much and to do so, with love.