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May We Be Happy

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Jiva Masheder
Mindfulness & Self-Compassion Teacher
Cultivating kind intentions towards yourself and other people dear to you is a great way to boost mood and reduce negative feelings like fear and anger, and experiences more positive emotions like joy, love, and happiness. Like anything, it just takes practice.
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Walter J
I was able to envision anyone I thought about fairly easily (my wife, sons, sisters & parents). I was even able to add people & form a group of them together (my new in-Laws and their family). I could then see them all smiling and joking around & we all were radiantly healthy, happy & well. And as I bid them to be happy & well - they were appreciatively nodding and thinking the same back to me. Very cool meditation!! I am excited to see most of them this weekend and watch it manifest into reality!! 😊👍🏼❤️☮️🍀
I realized that I have been pretty selfish the last few weeks/months/years of my life. I am so caught up in what I am doing, where I am headed, what my life’s purpose much that I forgot what my life’s purpose truly is: to love. I have always felt that my biggest, most important purpose on this earth is to love the people around me and to love myself. Somewhere in all the planning and pursuit I have forgotten to love. Today I was reminded of this purpose of mine, and I am incredibly grateful for that.
May we?
I'm not a huge fan of sessions such as this. Too wishy-washy for my liking. The narrative is constantly offering contradiction ”do this, or don't” ”if it feels okay to you””perhaps do this” Bleh! Not my cup of tea.
This meditation has you visualize friends, family, or pets that are special to you. I visualized my close friends and hubby sitting around a table all of us enjoying a nice meal together. Our 2 dogs just laying happily at our feet. With one hand over my heart... I say may you be well. May you be happy. As I am saying this I can feel myself smile and see everyone around me in good spirits. Sending well wishes to all of you.🙏❤️
May we be well
I find it brings strong, warm feelings to my heart when I do a loving-kindness meditation. It is true that you can't harbor sorrow or bitterness if your heart is filled with warmth.
Kesha-Lee 💖
May We Be Well.
I feel calm. I wish I could have felt more positive emotion. But I feel great by the Grace of God. Thank you Aura.
Kesha-Lee 💖
I have noticed
I have noticed that as soon as I close my eyes to meditate I automatically start breathing slowly and more deeply. And that means that I am becoming accustomed to meditation. And I love that. Thank you Aura for helping me stay on par, keeping me in tune with my emotions and realizing and practicing the importance of positive thinking. I am grateful. thank you 🤍🤍
May Everyone Be Happy
Sometimes happiness is hard to come by these days due to COVID 19 and this pandemic; at the start of this pandemic I was so scared and worried for everyone and everything I had in my life. I feared that people in my life would get covid 19 and die. I eventually learned to worry to a certain extent now I’m better then ever. May you all be healthy. May you all be happy
May everyone be happy
I noticed that it made me happy envisioning my closest dearest people and imagining them smiling and happy and wishing them happiness, peace and tranquillity. It went off into a prayer for all my family. Beautiful way to start my morning
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