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May I Find Peace

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Jiva Masheder
Mindfulness & Self-Compassion Teacher
By wishing for peace in our hearts, we make it more likely that we will experience that peace in our hearts and minds.
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Walter J
Great timing for this meditation! Had a little extra stress & anxiety yesterday - I received a call in the afternoon that my detached garage was on fire. This was a big 6 room 3 stall garage. I got home in time to watch the firemen & women put it out and before it got to my house. I am very thankful for their time & service. Everyone was safe but what a huge mess to clean up. So this was very helpful this morning!! May I find Peace... May I find Peace...
Sometimes it’s hard to find peace within myself when I am so angry with all the suffering that is happening around me. However, I know that when I act from a place of peace, I can better react and advocate for those who are marginalized and vulnerable.
Find Peace
This is a great meditation to help you find peace in times of distress, tension or worry.
Finding peace
I’m relearning to return to quiet mind after not having regularly completing meditations. Grateful for this session and that my spirit led me back to mindfulness.
May I Find Peace
This is always a great meditation, any time, day or night. ♥️🙏♥️
I changed this meditation to “God, grant me your Peace”.... and He did. ❤️
What I learned is....
I deserve peace! No matter what I have going on I deserve to feel at peace
I love this meditation. Woke up feeling anxious and found my thoughts racing.
It’s not about changing yourself or right now. It’s about having peace in the right now. Accepting your strengths and your weaknesses and realizing you’re not in this alone. Instead of just saying may I find peace. I would also say “I am strong, I am self sufficient, I make me happy, I love myself, regardless of the past. With each exhale. Embrace yourself. And realize you don’t control life, but you do control your mood and a lot of tour thoughts if you just simply stop trying to solve everything all the time. PEACEEE
What a great day to start the day with! It helped anchor I deserve peace.
I learned that it’s important to reach within to help settle what is going on around you and on the outside.
Finding peace
I learned that you can find peace by doing simple things and taking care of yourself
Music and internet
Finding peace in 2020, when you know that much and that little at the same point, you cannot find peace for 1 year even, because I’m an artist, so I’m bipolar automatically in order to create experimental music or design. Finding peace in my environmental or physical, behavioral conditions impossible for large amount of time.
I found this comforting
I felt very stressed when I started this and it was hard to focus but I kept feeling gently drawn back to my body when my mind wants to spin out, and feel much more grounded now. I liked putting my hands on my heart. It was very reassuring.
It continues to amaze me that three minutes makes such a difference in where my mind is and what I’m thinking. Perhaps I should say what I’m not thinking. This three minute meditation, with my hand over my heart, took me away and when I came back, I opened my eyes with a smile on my face. Great way to start my morning!
May I find peace
This soothing and gentle meditation calmed my busy mind and helped me shift my focus to love and acceptance. I felt much better in just a couple minutes. I deserve peace. I am worthy of peace. We all deserve peace. We are all worthy of peace. Thank you.
Grounded and ready for the day
 I don’t know how she does it, but Jiva always finds the words to take my anxious mind, my wandering thoughts, and what I am feeling, and uses her beautiful meditative practice to help me change my focus, and find strength, calm, and yes, peace for the day ahead. 
May I find peace
A simple, beautiful meditation. A good beginning to my day .
May I Find Peace
I did this quick meditation after a deep yoga stretch. Thank you for the reminder to find peace within myself- it is especially important in today’s climate, but something I forget often
Inner Peace
Finding inner peace isn’t the easies; it takes time and patience. At times we will go astray from the path we are trying to go or finds but remember through all the bad things there will always be light at the end of the path
Dear Lord May I find peace in you first among all things. You allow me to breathe and my heart to beat. You love peace and I deserve peace. Everyone does.
Once I turned inward
Everything else melted away. I recently learned I’m pregnant and this was an amazing way to connect with my heart and body. I’ve never felt so reluctant to come out of a meditative state because being in it felt so overwhelmingly calming.
May I Find Peace
Inner peace can mean many things. Are you looking for independence and autonomy (ie. peace regardless of what those outside of you say or think)? Are you looking for the peace of mind to let go of the past? Are you looking for the peace necessary to become closer to someone else? The nice thing about this meditation is that it’s ambiguous. Whatever kind of peace you desire - that’s what you meditate on. I
Peace abs Light
I was happy that my mind didn’t jump to the negative and say I’ll never find peace. Instead I found myself asking the universe to keep filling me with light so that I could find peace and give back this peace to those in my circle and maybe outside the circle.
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