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Mantra For Your Morning

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Alice Powell
Mindfulness & CYT Yoga Teacher, 500hr
Inviting intention into your morning. Using affirming words to set your day up in order to serve you as best it can.
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Walter J
Great session to help one wake up, invite & receive what is most need to it make it a Super day!! Simple yet powerful Intentions & Affirmations Looking forward to a Positively Powerful & Productive day!! 👍🏼🍀💪🏼
Walter J
Intending …
Great affirmations for setting up the intentions for a powerful day. Puts me directly in the drivers seat, stating where I want to go… for my highest good & for The BOM (The Betterment Of Mankind)! Brilliant!! 🗺️🔜🍀
Way Forward
Affirmations are really the way forward to helping you live your best life as your best self. In this meditation, Alice has us repeat affirmations designed for the morning. As I sat underneath an oak tree, I allowed these affirmations to flow through my body. The word choose came up a few times. Yes, the mighty and often forgotten word, choose. I may not be able to control events outside myself, but I get to choose how I want to show up to those events! What immense power that is! I declare the way forward is choosing to live my best life as my best self right now with the aid of my daily mindfulness practice, the dharma, my mentors and teachers and divine power. Namaste 😊❤️☮️
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